The City of Golden Friendship Cagayan de Oro Educational Trip a Reflection Essay

The great and recurrent question about travelling is, is it worth getting there? I am always ready to visit a new place, always excited to find more things about an unfamiliar area.

That is why, when we were informed that we’re going to have an educational trip at Cagayan de Oro, also known as the City of Golden Friendship, I was delighted. I love the road. It may be a little tough on my part because I easily miss my family, but it has been and will remain a great thrill and challenge to me. Though I don’t really get the chance to travel a lot, I always try to enjoy every chance I have.This won’t be my first travel away from Visayas but this will be my first trip to Mindanao. Journeys begin where we think they do.

As for me, it all started on that same shuttle on the way to Ormoc, where the 80’s songs on the radio hypnotized me during the travel. All I was thinking the moment the shuttle started its engine was that the following split seconds will be the start of the best split seconds of my life. This is going to be one of my firsts, so, I’m making the most out of it. As we stepped our first foot in Cagayan, it was a whole new place, a whole new language and a whole lot of new faces surrounding me.It was like I was a stranger in a new-found place.

Just so you all know I’m having a fieldtrip here! People were staring at us maybe wondering why we’re in a very large group at the very morning. During the trip, we visited different plants and companies located at the area of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Some of them are the Asia Brewery Corporation, Zest-O Corporation, Philippine Sinter Corporation, Del Monte Credit Cooperative, Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation, Maria Cristina Nature’s Park, Barter Trade, and Del Monte Canning Factory.Out of every wandering in which people and places come and go in long successions, there is always one place remembered above the rest, and for me, it was the Rafting Adventure Philippines at Brgy.

Putin, Cagayan de Oro. It was a challenge for me since it was another first. According to Tata, one of the senior guides, white water rafting offers the thrill and challenge of threading between rocks and over waves in a small, open boat. Most rafting trips provide an exciting ride, with the raft plunging and bucking and occasionally dousing the occupants with water (Microsoft®Student [DVD], 2007).During the orientation at the hostel, one of the co-owners of the business discussed their marketing strategy.

Though it wasn’t a long discussion due to time shortage, I do believe that everyone was listening since many of the co-students participated when asked for the definition of marketing which was actually meeting customer needs profitably according to Dr. Philip Kotler. Everyone was excited during the orientation and briefing, except for me. I was dying due to nervousness.I know the guides were just promoting the experience that we’re going to go through as we face the rapids along the way but if one of them told you that “Don’t worry, when the guides can’t save the swimmers, we’ll just wait for three days until they start floating on the river,” do you think you can still relax? Of course not! It’ll just increase the panic. Though it was a sarcastic statement, it totally sunk into my head and added to my panic. I was shaking and can’t even look at the river.As soon as we reached the raft, we were all screaming, but as we passed the first rapid to the next, excitement started to grow and anxiety begin to fade.

Furthermore, he said that they focus more on their Facebook account since it is cheaper to advertise there than on the television, radio and print ads. Most economists believe that advertising has a positive impact on the economy because it stimulates demand for products and services, strengthening the economy by promoting the sale of goods and services. Other economists, however, believe that advertising is wasteful.They argue that the cost of advertising ads to the cost of goods and that most advertising simply encourages consumers to buy one brand rather than another.

Because it has numerous safety issues and logistical demands, white-water rafting is primarily done by commercial services that offer trips for paying customers. In Kagay’s case, their excursions range from two-hour thrill rides to four-hour expeditions depending on what type of course you’re taking. We rode on a paddle boat, wherein we, passengers, are part of the crew along with a guide that would help us throughout the way.Working as a team under the command of the guide, everyone vigorously paddles to propel and steer the raft. The guide’s commands, often shouted over the roar of rushing water, include “Forward! ” “Back paddle! ” and “Stop! ” All of us wore life preservers and helmets to protect us from strong rapids and big boulders.

According to an article, a competent raft guide must be able to “read” the river—to recognize dangerous holes, see complex flow patterns well ahead of time, and visualize where the current will take the raft. Our guide was really good at leading the boat.He maneuvers the raft to steer it safely past the obstacles. He knows the rapids by heart and employs a carefully choreographed sequence of maneuvers for each one. To minimize hazards, we were given safety briefings before the trip. As a further safety measure, we travelled in groups, so that quick assistance is always nearby.

White water rafting is an example of a good that markets experience. Yet, it’s not as easy as it is said. There are seven companies that offer white water rafting services in Cagayan, one of which is Kagay.Kagay, the most established and the premier among the other six competitors in their industry, obviously doesn’t market any goods or services in their business, instead they create market experiences. They offer four courses, the Beginners for Php700, Advanced for Php1000, Extreme 1 for Php1200 and Extreme 2 for Php2000. It surely is costly, but how can they keep their customers? The greatest asset to your company is your customer. To some, what matters most is to increase revenue by continuously acquiring new one-shot customers.

This is one of the fatal mistakes that many business owners make.It’s a sad scenario, but it’s also reality. It has been said a lot of times already in our Marketing class that it’ll cost you eight times more to attract a new customer than to bring one of your past customers back to you. A businessman should realize that once you’ve acquired the customers, you just can’t afford to let them go. You should always put in your mind that you should value your customers and you should determine how much time, effort and money you can afford to invest to acquire that new customer in the first instance.In other words, you can invest more today to reap a much larger profits later down the road as long as your cash flow is healthy and can support it. Instead of constantly acquiring more and more new customers, Kagay must begin to focus on keeping their existing customers longer and letting them experience what should be experienced during white water rafting. They must learn to innovate so that their customers won’t get tired in riding rafts and paddling.

They should focus on customer service and long-term customer satisfaction.He says “White water rafting is really great, fun and exciting. One should try it out when you visit Cagayan.

” She says, “Oh no! Not white water rafting. You’re really almost buying death. ” So to whom do I believe? Clearly, an actual experience is something really different from just what he says or she says. Something’s really different from just hearing it from others than experiencing it yourself. According to an Indian proverb, nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced—even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life has illustrated it.