The Cobra Event Essay

The Cobra Event Richard Preston The book I read “The Cobra Event” is a very detailed and really gruesome book.

The book starts off in the late 1990’s in New York. A girl by the name of Kate Moran, who is well later to be known as the first victim from a mysterious virus, lived her life as a usual laid back teenager. Well one day at school, out of no where, Richard Preston, which is the author, goes into great detail of Kate’s spontaneous reaction toward the virus that she had gotten that no one had known at the time.She has a terrible seizure and dies at the end of the first chapter. Alice Austin would be the main character of this book. She was a twenty-nine year old women who is a medical pathologist in training. She specialized in death, finding out clue and gathering evidence to come up with conclusions to what was going on.

Glenn Dudley is another character who had a good role in the book. He was a Chief Medical Examiner. This character was very crude to Alice Austin because she was new at the job but later get along with her. Glenn Dudley dies as they were in search of the virus.Will Hopkins would be the last person who I thought would be an important character. Alice Austin and her got along fine and at they both ended up not getting the disease from all the trouble they have gone trying to find the host. “He stripped off the wrapper and fitted the little scalpel blade into the handle.

He reached above his left ear with the scalpel and poked in into his skin until the tip touched bone, then he drew the blade swiftly over the crown of his head, making a coronal incision from ear to ear, the blade tip bumping against the hard bone of his calvarium…….

With both hands, he reached up and grasped the flap of the skin that had opened across his head. There was a tearing sound. ” (154-155) Richard Preston went all the way on this part showing what a little virus can cause a person to do when he/she got infected. The detail he gave, I could picture what the heck was going on as if I was actually there and watching the whole incident. As the book starts, Alice Austin began to study several deaths that were very similar which turned out to be that the same specific thing that each victim ad suffered. They go through many tests to see what was causing these sicknesses and later on into the book, the plot delt with one specific object, with was a simple “box” that each person had and was later known in the middle of the book.

Toward the end of the book they manage to find they host and stop the virus from spreading. “It was a Jack-in-the-box. The snake had struck her fingers, and it missed. It was a hooded cobra, and its hood was flared open, in the attack stance. ” (147). The Climax was the cobra box.Everything that has happened and that affected all the victims has dealed around this specific object.

The box contained the Air borne virus and when the box was opened, it released the virus with the victim not knowing what was going on but a little prank of a cobra hitting there fingers as it was going to bite them. I guess the theme of this book is to see how lethal and dramatic it would be if there was to be a virus that had been released and affect an entire city. About life, you will never know if this will really happen.Some of the settings in the books, were real and there are real places such as the C. D. C(Center For Disease Control) that do studies on new and old viruses. “I have imagined the engineered form of the virus that appears here as Cobra, but it should be taken as one example of a wide rage of possibilities that actually exist for the construction of advanced bioweapons.

” (421) Preston said this quote. In what he thinks is that there is so many possibilities in creating a type of virus and how to spread it. e showed how easy it can be spread to people just as if was like receiving one of those Publisher clearing house and wanting to open it because you think you might have a chance of winning.

What I have learned from this book, I have learned that viruses is something that is really serious if it outbreaks into a large city and begins feeding itself on all the people there. Viruses are not something to mess around with and if there is any sign of one breaking out, it has to be stopped. . EssayMania.

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