The Coca-Cola Company Essay

This insight is normally used to form groups of customers who share the same value criteria. Companies are then able to identify which group of customers it’s most likely to suit best & which product meets the needs of its chosen segments. The main objective of segmentation is based on how to win & retain the customers you want to serve.

Characteristics are divided into different categories so they are segmented into a specific market: Gender Values Health Life span Education Interests & hobbies Race Local/national areas Age Religion SILK TOPSHOP PENCIL DRESS Demographic: Topshop’s target customers who are women aged between 18-25 years old with an income range of El 0,000 – ESO,OOO a year. Their target audience is young, fashion-conscious people on a budget. Psychographic: Customers tend to have goal orientated lifestyles & commitment to to career & family, their image is important to them & they are motivated by self expression.

They are young, enthusiastic & impulsive consumers. Behavioural: For a dress in Topshop, people are willing to pay a little more because they like the brand. Most customers are avid shoppers & will have bought a lot more than one item within the shop before. Geographic: A little, black dress would most normally be sold throughout the whole year. This is because it’s such a plain, popular type of dress suitable for lots of different occasions. LYNX CLICK BODY SPRAY Demographic: Lynx target customers who are male aged between 1 1-25 years old of any ethnicity. Consumers are most likely heterosexual as well. ychographic: Customers tend to be motivated to get a girl or are very peer influenced & are constantly in competition with their friends. Behavioural: Most males are willing to give whatever their friends are using a try. Lots of men use Lynx body spray which automatically interests male friends & family. Geographic: Lynx body spray is sold throughout the whole year, however they do bring out some festive Christmas sprays in December for a limited time only. HARBO SWEETS Demographic: The sweet market is segmented of consumers being mainly children & a few adults.

Sweets are targeted to both genders of any ethnicity. Psychographic: Children want to discover new sweets whereas most adults want to be reminded of their childhood. Some adults can be addicts to candy & can eat it at any time of the day. Behavioural: Haribo is a very popular brand of sweets. The majority of people enjoy sweets & the more you eat, the more you want more. Geographic: Sweets are sold throughout the whole year, along with different types of Haribo packs. You can also get seasonal Christmas gift packs of Haribo for a limited time only. NIKE BLACK SPORTS BAG

Demographic: Nike target towards adults of both gender & children. The business target most football & baseball related items towards males, whilst everything related with softball is targeted towards females. Psychographic: Nike have an outstanding mission statement, along with a well known logo. Most people will know both of these & relate them to Nike immediately. Theyre very inspiring & motivational towards the consumer of the product. Behavioural: People who buy are Nike sports bag most likely enjoy going to the gym & keeping fit. Also, younger people who like to keep with the current ashion.

Geographic: Nike is sold in the IJK, USA, India & Malaysia. In the USA Nike mainly targets towards women & soccer. In India, Nike mostly targets towards cricket COCA-COLA Demographic: Coca Cola’s target audience is both genders & any age. Most of their consumers are aged 18-25 years old & mainly students. Psychographic: All psychographic variables include the social class, lifestyle, occupation, level of education & personality. For smaller income people, they have a returnable glass bottle. For middle class people, they have a non-returnable glass bottle.

Behavioural: Coca Cola segments different occasions which are celebrated within the country. The biggest credit for making celebrations available worldwide goes to the Coca Cola company. Geographic: Coca Cola segments it’s products internationally, countrywise & religion-wise. The taste & quality varies according to the income level of people in that particular country e. g. Third world countries are given low quality & taste. KATE MOSS – RIMMEL LIPSTICK Demographic: The target audience of Rimmel lipstick is ladies between the age of 18-35 years old.

Also, I’d say it’s based for women who are conservative with expensive taste. Psychographic: Women who wear Rimmel lipstick want to appear classy & elegant, it’s part of their personal make-up routine & adheres to a feminine stereotype well. Behavioural: Females who buy Kate Moss’ brand of Rimmel lipstick may want to look like her, act like her & feel like her with it on. They also may have been suggested it by a girl friend. Geographic: Rimmel make-up isn’t worldwide & is limited to Europe only. However, it’s still sold in airports all around the world.