The Color White and What it Reflects Essay

The Color White and What it Reflects            In the passage, the color white is unified with the emotion of fear. This is a somewhat ironic notion since white is often considered a symbol of purity and not something that touches upon the blind emotion of fear.

However, this is the exact response the Tita feels when she is overwhelmed with various entities that are colored white. Perhaps it is not so much the color itself that evokes fear as much as there is already present a deep rooted anxiety within the character of Tita.            For Tita, there is much anxiety over what the future will bring for her. She longs to be with her lover, but her mother’s somewhat ironfisted matriarchal control makes this union difficult. As such, when Tita is surrounding by white colored wedding related imagery, her own anxieties and fear come to the forefront.

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In a way, there is a passive anger present within her anxiety. She internally dislikes the color white as she associates it with weddings and there is a fear that she will never have the wedding that she truly desires.            Consider the excerpt “that she had never seen such a night before; to her it was all a blinding whiteness.” What is it that is blinding about it? It is the overwhelming nature of the color and all that it represents. In many ways, it forces her to confront her own anxiety about her unsure future. Now, does this mean she is an unstable person? No, she is simply overwhelmed by her anxiety and personal situation.

Her overreaction to the color white clearly reflects how severely overwhelmed she is.