The corrections system Essay

The corrections system was put in place to punish law offenders and protect the innocent who have been unjustly accused.  Crime and politics both play a crucial role in the formation and enactment of new laws. Without crime, people would have been satisfied and comfortable with how they live their lives. The presence of crime indicates someone has been wronged and justice needs to be done or else if nothing is done the doer of the crime and others who think like him/her will do it again.

Crime plays a big role in the formulation of certain laws because some forms of crime cause big losses in society either financially or rape psychologically. As each day passes and technology improves, new forms of crime emerge may be it in the manufacturing industries which may produce harmful substances to the environment or misuse of the various forms of communication/media hence the need of enacting laws to prevent such occurrences (Sutherland, et al.)This shows that change and growth in the correction of crime unpredictable and in evitable.

Whereas Crime causes tougher laws passed, Politics causes limitations in terms of how long a certain offense is punishable. The main reason being that the politicians are interested in cutting down the costs associated with curbing crime. They see that the government is spending more money in hiring more police, training the special investigative units, paying lawyers and even constructing more prisons when they should be focusing on improving their economies and not hurting the taxpayer who they want to please (Dilulio 233.)

            This Contrast is important because crime is something that any society does not want to be associated with and even though politicians have the best interest of the country at heart, their pride will be in being known as a crime free country which is enhanced by a better correction system that observes the human rights. Therefore, pressure will be on as crime intensifies and if politicians want to be better leaders and elected to office, they will make sure that law offenders are punished.

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