The Count of Monte Cristo Essay

The Count Of Monte Cristo is a novel by Alexandre Dumas. The story begins with a handsome sailor, Edmond Dantes who is very successful in his life and career and even his love story. The novel also deals about revenge to those people who misjudged and envied Edmond Dantes. The plot was great since the main character was at his good fortune being the next captain of a ship, who has a great love story together with his fiancee. But some people are envious of Edmond Dantes’ almost perfect life.Because of this, people wrongly misjudged him, accused him and plotted the crime of treason just to destroy an innocent life and be sent to prison for fourteen years of his existence.

Edmond Dantes was a man that almost lost his hope and he even starves himself to death. Upon his days being in prison he was able to meet Abbe Faria who is believed to be a mad man but beyond that they became friends. Abbe taught Edmond Dantes lots of things, nurtured him with the knowledge that he possesses.He even told the young man about the treasure in the Isle of Monte Cristo and hopes that he can retrieve the treasure and makes his way for his escape in prison. When Abbe Faria died, Edmond Dantes made a plot for his escape. That this is the right time for him to free himself from the accusations that wrongly judged on him. I order for him to escape, he replaced his body over the dead body of Abbe Faria.

Now he was able to escape after fourteen years of life imprisonment and he was saved by the Italian bandits when he was thrown in the sea.Edmond Dantes seek the treasure that the Abbe Faria was talking about. And he was successful that the treasure was hidden in a tiny island. Before putting his revenge into action, he waited ten years just to plot his revenge and buy some time to gather all the information about his past enemies. He made sure of himself that the only reason for his living is to seek vengeance to those people who are quite greedy towards him and was responsible for putting him into prison towards this accusations which he didn’t committed. To start his revenge, he disguised himself as rich man namely The Count of Monte Cristo.He had to ploy and even deceives those people by winning their trust in order to join the social circle which his enemies belong.

One by one Edmond Dantes seek revenge from those people mercilessly not revealing his true identity. Paying for what they have done to him and make them suffer as to what Edmond Dantes suffered as well back when he was still in prison. Now his vengeance is completed, his enemies have already suffered for their sins. It was assumed that the The Count of Monte Cristo played a role of providence by destroying all that have been built by his enemies.Two things that almost always capture our attention in movies are watching someone learning something and watching someone getting revenge. I really like the story because it has a mixed of drama, suspense and romance.

Furthermore, it was not a boring one to watch. As I was watching the film, I can’t help but relate Noli Metangere & El Filibusterismo with the Count of Monte Cristo. It is in the way that they both used another identity to take revenge plus presenting themselves as someone powerful.It is no doubt, why Rizal enjoyed reading the book of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” by Alexander Dumas. And why people tried to made it as a movie.

I learned in this movie that “trials are not the reasons to give up but inspirations to move on. ” Every trial we must face, don’t give up if you are still breathing. Do not lose hope if you are still alive and mostly do not lose faith in God for “God will give you justice”. If we are at a downfall, don’t let your guard down but instead be cautious and look back and made a reflection to what had happened to you.