The Dangers of Cyberbullying Essay

Cyberbullying establishes a colossal is sue which includes, threatening, writing hurtful statements on the social media or websi tes, posting embarrassing pictures, making rumors, and even pretending to be another pe rson online. While cyberbullies know that they will get prosecuted for bullying a victim on social media, the cyberbully will be empowered to Stop.

This cosmopolitan issue that unquesti nably needs to stop was explained through Source 1, “The Dangers of Cyberbullying,” Source 2, “Sacrificing the First Amendment to Catch “Cyberbullies,” and Source 3, ‘ ‘What is Cyberbull yng. ” Cyberbullying on social media and websites is becoming a problem that is cru Cial by polluting the first amendment and its tormenting people’s lives. Cyberbullies is a worthwhile obstacle that requires a punishment for maltreati ng the First Amendment.

These folks should undoubtedly be required to Stop “trolling” because its costing people’s lives. Lately, there was a survey conducted and 1 in 3 teens c onceded to be a victim of cyberbullying. Sadly, these statistics array that cyberbullying is a pr oblem that is surely a very abominable complication. Throughout Source 3, the fact sheet s trongly agrees by claiming, “target of cyberbullying affected them at school, house and with f riends. ” In other words, evey. vhere they go it disturbs them because it gets in their minds.

S hockingly, if people are obligated around the world to stop, then they will stop but if we d ont do anything it’s not going to change. This vital treatment is also hurting people’s lives. Since, cyberbullies have experienced their own interesting medicine and know what it feels like, they t hink they it’s right to do it. Furthermore, as positively stated in Source 3, “84% Of cyberbullies re port to know their target. ” This means that they think they have an advantage of agonizing another person to suffer because they aren’t face to face.

During Source 3, the fact sheet co nfidently conveys, “45% of young people (ages 1424) reported that they see people bei ng mean to ach other on social networking sites. ” Wistfully, they see them getting bullie d but they don’t tell an adult that is close near them. Of course, if people establish a reportin g system, this will most certainly be ceased. After all there are people in the world that don’t think that cyberbullying is not worth sacrificing the First Amendment for neither is it necessary to stop bullying folk s. While the conflicting side thinks they can be as cruel as one wants.

They think that cybe rbullies could be atrocious right up to libel or slander. sychologist, Eden Foster , once State d, “It’s much harder to flee a cyberbully, as they can “attack” through a variety of electronic means. ” Put differently, since they are like stalkers they can surely watch you from any ele ctronic. Another justification would be that the real solution to cyberbullying isn’t criminal pros ecution, its education. As Foster also bravely declared, “teens often use their cellphones t o call their parents in emergency situations. Otherwise, not every teenager uses technol gy for social networking. Despite the fact of these controversies, many people die due to t hese treatments and that why it greatly needs to stop. Sadly, it’s one of the most worldlyknown problems and its malevolent. Also, it corrupting the First Amendment. It is an aggressive behavior that intends to c ause harm or distress. Usually, its repeated over time and occurs in a relationship where th ere IS an imbalance of power or strength. Bullies bully people to feel powerful around them and to feel power over them.