The don’t think the title Dark Ages is

    The title “Dark Ages” means ” A historical period traditionally referred to the Middle Ages, that asserts a demographic cultural and economic deterioration”(Dark Ages). This definition is basic and many people disagree with the title “Dark Ages”. I believe this isn’t a accurate name for the time period because of many reasons. Firstly when you hear the word “Dark” you tend to think that something really bad happened. In the time period there are many reasons why the period is good. Many good inventions, agricultural techniques, and knowledge were discovered.       The first reason why I don’t think the title Dark Ages is accurate is because of technology. During the time period,  study’s  in mathematics and science were brought up.  The Islamics were the ones who came up with these tremendous discoveries. “The Persian astronomer al-Khwarizmi introduced algebra to Europe.”(Great Advances Were Made in Science and Math- in The Islamic World). This included first systematic solution of linear and quadratic equations.       The Islamic people also were very intelligent when it came to translating texts. They found ancient texts and translated them into Arabic. The book “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing” was translated to find new teachings.        Another reason that the title isn’t accurate is agricultural boom. Before the Middle Ages Europe’s agricultural success was mainly in the south, and barley anywhere else. One of the best inventions in the period is the horse collar. The horse collar “was placed around a horse’s neck and shoulders to distribute weight and protect the animal when pulling a wagon or plough”(The Earley Middle Ages were a Boom time for agricultural). The horse collar wasn’t just for farming. This collar  also made transportation more easy. The horses put on the collar and pulled wagons and supplies. This invention was well known in 1000 A.D. and we still use it today!        Many farmers got very lucky with weather. From 900 to 1300, farmers received very warm weather. This helped farmers because it allowed them to produce more food. Farmers easily used this to their advantage and grew more crops to make more money.           Another reason the Dark Ages time period was prosperous was its new culture. Charlemagne  having “Over some 50 military campaigns, his forces fought Muslims in Spain, Bavarians and Saxons in northern Germany and Lombards in Italy, expanding the Frankish empire exponentially” (The Carolingian Renaissance saw a flowering in the arts, literature, architecture and other cultural realms).    Charlemagne took his jobs very seriously. Pope Leo III told Charlemagne to spread faith throughout Europe.  In 800 he got crowned by Pope Leo III because he was loyal and did what he told of him. After getting crowned Charlemagne built a state using Roman architecture. This architecture included many columns on houses and buildings and arch’s. He also wanted to “promote educational reform”(The Carolingian Renaissance saw a flowering in the arts, literature, architecture and other cultural realms). In conclusion his state flourished in new architecture and education.”A key advancement of Charlemagne’s rule was the introduction of a standard handwriting script, known as Carolingian miniscule”. (The Carolingian Renaissance saw a flowering in the arts, literature, architecture and other cultural realms). Charlemagne invented punctuation. The punctuation Charlemagne used was space between sentences. This was vital because it shows how we write today!       In conclusion I don’t think that the “Dark Ages” is a accurate title for the time period. Instead the period had many good inventions, agricultural techniques, and knowledge teachings. This included the start of Algebra,  new writing techniques, and useful inventions.