The Data Presentation And Analysis Accounting Essay

While computing machine scientists have been trailing two Holy Grails for decades-voice acknowledgment and coincident translation-with varying degrees of success, a more profound myth has ever animated those who see computing machines as transforming devices: the thought of the paperless office ( A Sellen and R Harper, 2001 ) .

Recent alterations in the concern environment viz. deregulating, denationalization, globalisation and accordingly increased competition, have increased the demand for companies to seek for new ways to last and win ( Spathis and Constantinides, 2004 ) . Advanced information engineering offers the needed tools for companies to react efficaciously and expeditiously to these alterations. One country in which Information Technology ( IT ) has had a major influence on companies is in the readying of fiscal statements.Many organisations today use IT at least to keep the general leger, and most entities have automated the procedure of come ining dealing sums and accommodations ( including journal entries ) into the general leger and fixing fiscal statements.

Gone are the yearss when hearers could analyze manually prepared cash-receipt diaries and cheque registries, hint monthly sums to handwritten entries in the general leger ( noting erasures or alterations ) and analyze manually prepared worksheets uniting general leger histories for the first pencil bill of exchange of the fiscal statements.

1.1 Background

Amber Hotel Mutare ( AHM ) , a member of the African Sun Hotel group, has adopted the usage of IT in its readying of fiscal statements. Ten old ages ago, they used the traditional accounting system that is a paper-based or manual system which they have bit by bit changed with clip to the usage of automated accounting system. The computerised accounting system has led to the debut of Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) package viz. SAGE ACCPAC which is now being used by Amber Hotel Mutare.Though they have made a alteration from a traditional accounting system to a computerised system, paper remains at the bosom of AHM ‘s civilization and other companies.

Some processs within the computerised system at one clip make necessitate the intercession of paper and therefore the complete move to a paperless office is turn outing to be harder said than done. Every clip a paper is used for a bill is used, an electronic mail is printed, the station arrives or a physical newspaper is read at a desk, the paperless ideal disappears back into the mythology it came from.’Companies have tried, but being truly paperless is an expensive thing to even try to make, ‘ ( Alex Hudson, 2012 ) .

1.3 Problem Statement

The developments in information engineerings ( IT ) have been utile in salvaging clip, money and cut downing the costs by speed uping minutess and communicating.

This, as a consequence, caused the fiscal minutess at AHM to be removed from the traditional paper-based activity environment to the computerised environment in the accounting information system ( AIS ) and hence, resulted in alterations in all procedures such as recording, categorization, coverage and analysis.At the same clip, this alteration has besides affected such accounting applications as maintaining the books, fixing fiscal statements and revenue enhancement statements. This research seeks to look at the extent to which IT has integrated on the readying of fiscal statements, be it success or failure, and their impact on the future being of a paperless office.

1.4 Objective of the survey

This survey seeks to accomplish the undermentioned aims ;To find the extent to which Information Technology has been integrated in the readying of fiscal statements.To find the schemes being used to accomplish a paperless office.To give a comparing of the manual readying and computerised readying of fiscal statements.

1.5 Research Sub Questions

Is the paperless office achievable?What are the demerits and virtues of traveling paperless within an administration?What are the alterations that IT has brought in the readying of fiscal statements?To what extent has IT integrating helped houses in the upbringing of fiscal systems?The virtues and demerits of a manual based attack and a computerised based attack of fixing fiscal statements?

1.6 Significance of the Study

This survey seeks to assist the followers:

1.6.1 Researcher ;

The survey will better the research worker ‘s cognition on the impact of Information Technology and how it affects the readying of Fiscal Statements in the Accounting Department and to measure whether a paperless office is accomplishable or non?

1.6.2 The university ;

The research will supply literature for reappraisal in future by other pupils and members of staff who may wish to set about a research on the same subject, the research will besides supply literature on all pupils and members of staff who want to derive cognition on the impact of IT integrating in the readying of Fiscal Statements.

1.6.3 Business entities

This research seeks to supply information that will assist concern entities to better on their readying of fiscal statements so that it can understate the hazards that are associated with the human mistake and ways to be more efficient and effectual. It will besides give information that will assist in turn toing restraints that houses particularly in the accounting section will confront in the transmutation from paper office to paperless office.


4 Employees

This research seeks to supply the information that will assist the employees of Amber Hotel Mutare to hold an penetration on where IT is taking them, the impact which IT is holding on the workplace and the grade to which they will be involved in the radical alteration from a paper office to a paperless office.

1.7 Hypothesis

1.8 Premises

Questionnaire responses are accurate and honest.

Respondents will take the exercising earnestly and therefore will react as such.Respondents have background cognition of IT developments.The clip at the research worker ‘s disposal to transport out the research is sufficient to transport out the survey.

The research worker has entree to information he requires to transport out his undertaking.

1.9 Research Methodology

Methodology by definition is the analysis and principle of utilizing a peculiar method for a peculiar research survey.

Research Design.

A instance survey attack will be used because it is a systematic orderly design towards the aggregation of informations utilizing a individual entity, Amber Hotel Mutare. A elaborate analysis on the paperless office- an probe into the impact of IT on the readying of fiscal statements will be carried outA instance survey attack enables easier informations aggregation as the information is within approachable scope and allows for critical analysis.

It besides enables the research worker to hold a closer position of features, events and procedures. It eliminates the generalization mistake which covers a big figure of cases, develops analytically and cuts in existent job work outing techniques refering to Amber Hotel Mutare. ( Remenyi, 2005 ) .

Instruments for Data aggregation.

The survey will be based chiefly on primary informations to be collected through the usage of the undermentioned informations aggregation tools:Questionnaires – these will be designed and manus posted to the several respondents.interviews andObservations.


Greater comparison of findings.

Room for elucidation and confirmation of sentiments.Addresss specific research issues as the research worker controls the hunt design to suit their demands.


It is dearly-won as costs will be incurred in bring forthing the paperwork to transport out the questionnaires.By the clip the research is complete, the informations may be out of day of the month.Low response has to be expected.

1.9.2 Secondary Research

Besides known as desk research, secondary research is the most common research method employed in the industry today. It involves treating informations that has already been collected by another party. With this signifier, research worker will confer with old surveies and findings such as studies, imperativeness articles and old market research undertakings in order to come to a decision.


The Internet offers more information, which will cover from different angles and environments.It provides support for future informations and an chance to analyze informations from a theoretical position.It is relatively inexpensive in footings of the costs to be incurred by the research worker.


Datas used in the analysis may be outdated and hence return inaccurate consequences.

Previous surveies may non hold targeted the exact issue that the current research requires.The information is historical and is non representative of the hereafter.


10 Targeted Population

This survey seeks to look at the employees of Amber Hotel Mutare who are responsible for the readying of fiscal statements and are involved in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the concern. Harmonizing to the employee database there are 40 employees who use accounting systems on a day-to-day footing. Therefore the population of the survey will be made up of 40 employees.

However, there is small information available for the paperless office research hence will obtain some information from states which are non 3rd universe states.

1.11 Data Presentation and Analysis

Bar charts, tabular arraies and pie charts will be used to analyze information contained in the responses from interviews and questionnaires so as to come up with specific decisions about the impact of IT integrating in the readying of Financial Statements and the extent to which a paperless office is accomplishable.

1.14 Research Restrictions

There is limited literature on paperless office in Zimbabwe. However, the research worker will utilize related literature from other states.

Targeted respondents possibly loath to manus over much required information, as they do non grok the relevancy and importance of the survey.Time restraints will be encountered since some of the information has to be obtained from other administrations countrywide.Target respondents possibly loath to unwrap some of the information which they regard as sensitive but possibly utile for the research.

1.15 Boundary lines

The survey will concentrate to administrations in Zimbabwe and it will be carried out in Zimbabwe.

Research interviews, questionnaires and samples will be carried out with employees and direction at varying degrees.

1.16 Source Referencing

Beginning referencing will be done harmonizing to the, Harvard Style of Referencing.


17 Decision

This Chapter gives a comprehensive sum-up on how the undertaking is to be outlined and carried out in the several population as mentioned. More inside informations will be outlined in the undertaking and the jobs will be addressed every bit good as give possible solutions to the mentioned jobs linked to the move towards paperless office and the impact IT has had on the readying of Fiscal Statements.