The Defense of Injustice Essay

The Defense of InjusticeIntroduction     The law and philosophy are closely intertwined; as such, the creation of law to govern everyone’s actions has been a quest of deep thinkers for generations upon generations.  If one were to believe Philus, the end of the discussion would be the conclusion that there cannot be one law to apply to all people.  However, in this paper, criteria will be presented that, if followed, can in fact be used as the template for the formation of specific law to apply to all people.  Upon conclusion of the paper, this universal law of sorts will make much more sense and will have logical foundations.

Criteria for the Universal Law     The key to a universal law which could apply to all people in all nations can be found based on a few, yet powerful criteria.  First, and most importantly, the law is to be based on what God intends as the right.  Second, based on this Godly mandate of sorts, this law must be one that will be permanent and hold true until the end of time.  Such criteria could easily apply to universal values from the earliest of times; for example, a law saying that murder is illegal is certainly upheld by God, universally agreed upon by civilized people, and would endure as long as people live on earth.Conclusion     What has been seen in this research is not only that there is the possibility for universal law, but it is also possible to base that law upon truths and values that have withstood the test of time.  Therefore, in conclusion, what can best be said is that with the proper criteria, just law can also be righteous law.