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The importance of electrical power cannot be
denied in the modern world. Nowadays almost every machine is loaded with
devices that need electrical power for its operation. Electrical power system comprises
of three major components which are generation, transmission and distribution.
The supply of electricity to domestic and industrial user is evolving every day
all over the world. There is a never ending struggle going on between supply
and demand of electrical energy, keeping the fact in mind transmission loss, Voltage
and frequency regulation, reliability provision etc.

As the numbers of consumers are increasing our
load demand including domestic, government and industrial also increases. To
overcome this problem we have to produce more electrical power by increasing
number of costly generating unit, and then by transmitting this to consumer
site through transmission network. To increase the electric power generation we
have to install power houses at the remote locations which require huge amount
of capital and considerable time of completion. And to transmit power to
consumer end is accompanied by considerable amount of line losses that can
create problem for a transmission engineers. The already present transmission
system does not have the capability to transmit electric power efficiently it
can result in operation of our system out of desired limits. To keep the system
in stable operation we have to keep in mind limits such as voltage magnitude,
angular stability, thermal limits, transient stability and dynamic stability.
Conventional transmission system cannot help much to meet modern demands of

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To counter this we have to:

Install more generating units and induct them into power grid

Improve the transmission of power over transmission network.

Add distributed energy resources (DER’s) at the distribution end.


project deals with the third technique that is addition of distributed energy
resource at the distribution end and then improving the power stability.