The Diamond Neckless Essay

“The Diamond Neckless” is a story written with the intent of the combination of greed,vanity,forbidden desire and wealth. It was written by a famous writer named Guy De Maupassant. Throughout the story, it talked about a woman named Mathilde.

She was very charming and beautiful woman who thought that she must have been born into the wrong life, since she had no way of getting known and married by a rich man. Instead she married a clerk in the ministry of education and lived a middle class life.Her husband Loisel noticed that his wife was not happy, and with love and good intent he brought home an invitation to a party which was exclusive to the affluent society. Loisel did not get the reaction he hope to get.

Instead she was bitter and began to complain that she had nothing to wear. Loisel without second thought he gave her the money that he had save to purchase a gun. She began to complain that she needs jewelry. Her husband suggested borrowing one from her wealthy friend Mrs. Forrestier. She was finally contented and the couple went to the party. Mathilde had the time of her life.She interacted with the people of the upper class and felt just like them.

She was the center of attraction. She received numerous amount of comments on the neckless and her beauty. It was like a Cinderella story. The evening came to an end, and she was brought back to reality. Mathilde realized that she had lost the neckless. And the nightmare began.

Her husband went out that early morning looking for the neckless and returned home disappointed and worried. He then suggested that she should not tell her friend just yet; instead, try finding one exactly the same. He gave up his inheritance and borrowed money to replace the neckless.