The Diviners Essay

The Diviners            “The Diviners” is a rough tale set in a small town of Zion, Indiana.

It doesn’t only discuss a single topic but also discusses the substitutions of people with machines, finding answers to questions that faiths only have.            This play focuses on Buddy Layman, who is both terrified of water and has a gift of finding it. He knew where to dig wells and when the rain will pour down. These gifts help the farmers but some are distrusted because they think that this is just the same as black magic.

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            Between Buddy and these suspicious people comes an unaffected young man who is a former preacher, C.C. Showers, who came to Zion looking for a job, too desperate to hide everything about his former profession. He became friends with Buddy, and they helped each other out during a crisis of faith. Buddy, traumatized by accident during his childhood, finds an understanding through C.C.

            C.C.’s secret was revealed when he admitted Ferris, Buddy’s father, whom he worked for, about his former profession. News spread all over Zion, and because people are fearful for not having a church or preacher would take them to hell, they divine their salvation to C.C. Pressured to take do he no longer believed in, he decided to leave town but realized that he have more important things to do in town so he stayed. He helped Buddy overcome his fear with water through the help of Jeanie Mae, Buddy’s sister.

Gradually, Buddy’s awful skin rashes and itching subsides.            When C.C.

has the opportunity to cure Buddy of the phobia, he took him out to the river and was about to wash his whole body. Misguided by what they overhear from Jennie Mae, people from Zion get the wrong idea thinking that it was baptism, so they gathered to the river. C.C. successfully took Buddy in the river, and stated removing his clothes when the townspeople came singing.

But because C.C. wanted privacy for the boy, he got mad losing focus about Buddy. While this is happening, Buddy goes deeper into the water and started drowning—again. C.

C., still distracted by the people did not notice about Buddy when Jennie Mae started screaming and crying out for help. Though C.C.

tried his best to save Buddy, it was too late. It’s this religious certainty causes the play’s shocking, violent end. It is also too late for the people to realize that it is a blessing for them to have Buddy.            This play “The Diviners” is so much more like Romeo and Juliet, when the ending part revealed the whole story and the pieces of puzzle are placed together.            The people of Zion needed something to believe in and religion plays a crucial in this story lifted by faith, courage and friendship.

In reality, there are still questions in our lives that remain unanswered; 1.) How does faith play a part in your life? 2.)Does it affect your decisions? 3.)How do you overcome your fears? 4.) What do you believe in? 5.) Are you affected by other people’s beliefs?            The artists played excellently and smoothly based on their characters. Nathan Graham Smith looks so perfectly as the preacher, C.

C. Showers. Robb Herring (Buddy Layman) and Reed Armstrong (Ferris Layman) are also excellent actors in this play. This is a must-see stage play that shows how faith and friendship touches every people’s lives.