The documentary film Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Energize America Essay

The documentary film Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Energize America by Jeff Barrie is really a timely piece created to be an eye opener for audiences. It tackles prevalent issues like environmental problems and its detrimental effect on people.

It exposes possible solution towards the country’s most pressing environmental challenges.            In the film, Barrie discusses electricity sources electricity and how people could possibly join in conservation of energy as well as utilizing it properly and how energy could possibly be renewed. The film is credible enough in explaining to people how important these methods are in energizing the country and what could possibly happen if improper utilization of energy is done. Energy when used in an ill mannered way may lead to mountain top removal, global warming and childhood asthma. Therefore everyone has a responsibility to unite in saving kilowatt of energy. The film is of great importance to enlighten viewers how conserving energy affects the future. It is indeed an inspiring film because it gives out possible remedies to problems concerning energy and the environment.

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People are able to learn new ways of saving energy and how much money is saved when energy is spent wisely. Every action towards energy usage has consequences. It can make or break the nation because energy can provide both helpful and harmful effects to individuals. The film is indeed a great strategy in allowing viewers take a glimpse of what they have done and what they cans till do to conserve energy.            The film greatly asserts Barrie’s point of view when it comes to minimizing harms caused by people to the environment. The film indeed made its way in giving tips on how people can partake in the battle against environmental problem like global warming.

Conserving energy means improving the quality of life and making this world a better place to live in.