The Doula Book Essay

The Doula Book is a splendid creation of authors Marshall H. Klaus, Phyllis H. Klaus, & John Kennell especially for expecting parents. It is full of fruitful guides in pre-natal cases up to the point of delivering a child.

A doula is someone who will stand by you as you go along the process of rearing, laboring and even after giving birth to a child. More often they are people from the medical profession and even fathers are encouraged in the book to stand as their beloved wives’ doulas. There are great advices and finding regarding the doula and how it helps in reducing the cases of cesarean delivery. There are also notes on how to shorten the labor period and how pain is reduced when having medications.

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After child birth is also taught in the book as readers will be well informed about breast feeding and how it develops bonding and chemistry between mother and child. There are several findings in the book which are all based on almost 100 years of research with women who are laboring and how they wanted a perfect delivery. Comfort and style is the main concept of the doula since it promotes a method of lesser pain in childbirth.

Birth experience will never be as painful as before because of The Doula Book. It is crafted in accordance to the joyful experience of motherhood and childbirth. This book is highly recommendable not only for mothers but for fathers and supporting medical professionals who are undergoing prenatal cases for them to know the value of the doula. The book is made into perfection since it ensures the quality of childbirth along with healthy, happy and safe child rearing lifestyle.