The dove program Essay


            It is sad to note that most people will suffer behind the bars while innocent, worse still to see the guilty persons in the streets at liberty. This has put our judicial systems into test and many people have questioned their ability to provide fairness and equitable justice.

             However, with coming in of programs such as dove program innocent inmates have a reason to smile. This program will increase the efficiency of the presentation of their cases in courts and presentations at the court by attorneys. This paper evaluates how this program will save time ad costs for this inmate and present their appeal in courts and hopefully establish their innocence.

Previously, cases were left to the legal systems of most states. This legal systems have their imperfection which leads to wrongful convictions that sees innocent people locked behind bars, others facing even life sentences while innocent. The government is usually not much concerned. In addition, the government did not support initiative to support the wrongful convicted.

            However, the dove program will cause the government to think and act ahead concerning freeing the innocent, finding the real criminals and having them punished. This program will also push for the government responsibility in helping the wrongful convicted. When the wrongful convicts will have the support of the government it will be much easier and faster to bring their appeals to court. Subsequently those found innocent should be set free.

            Dove program also seeks to work as a team which will enhance specialized responsibilities of each staff. In addition, dove program have a goal  to develop a focused approach so as to achieve the case. This will quicken the procedures of bringing the appeal of the wrongfully convicted to the court. This is because the responsibilities are broken down into achievable units which are then assigned to different individuals within the program.

            The process is also systematic and follows procedures as set forth by the authorities. The program will also analyze the processes involved and keep up to date information to avoid deviations in the process. The program will be concerned with  analyzing the goals of the program. This will be achieved by taking a measure of the number of death case brought into appeal process,  due to the proof of existing evidence or a testimony of the defendant’s innocence.

            Achieving goals is not the only way to measure success but also with strong and consistent efforts to achieve program initiatives. The objective will see more death rows cases brought into appeals process and hopefully the defendants be found innocent.

            Creation of a strategic criminal justice plan followed by a systematic and focused approach. Cases which are scattered in various places and are carelessly compiled together will in most cases have important details missing. An efficient framework will enable compile important  information and present it before the courts (Scheck ,2003). This will facilitate providence and availability of important information. In addition dove program will assist in making possible processes and implementation of these policies.

             Besides, dove program has a plan to widen its forecasting abilities to make  predictions that will make in the future in the appeal system and its strategies. Appeal cases are different though they are similar in some way in regards to the judgment and verdict given. This will be achieved through scholarly research, documentation in trend and statistics (Radelelt, 1994).

            According to Scheck (2003),  most innocent inmates will remain behind bars and their case fails to be brought before the court mainly due to non presentation. Dove program will provide representation, they will also offer  investigation. Besides, they will provide valid information and evidence in support of defendant innocence. This will offer the wrongful convicted a chance to present their appeal before the court (Garret, 1998).

            The purpose of the Dove program is to identify those inmates whose innocence can be established. Those convicted due to evidence of existing DNA test will be a priority. This is because an error could have occurred during their conviction (Radelelt, 1994).

            With analysis of DNA evidence several defendants have secured freedom due to courts failing to give fair and equitable. This will quicken the release of innocent inmates due to the fact that inmate can be taken to a new DNA test to proof the first evidence wrong (Radelelt, 1994).



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