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The skills that pay the bills You’ve seen it before, a cool looking logo which has the strapline wrapped around in a circular fashion, looks pretty neat huh? If you are not sure how to do it but wish to learn, you have come to the right place. If you want to create your own logo by writing text around a circle, or you simply want to trace around the perfectly spherical head of Karl Pilkington, I’ve got you covered Firstly you are going to obviously need a new document opened up. Select the stroke pallet but disable the fill pallet, the colour does not matter as the circle itself will become invisible in a little while. Create your circle to a desirable size for your document and work, be sure that you set it up so you can imagine one bit of text running along the top half of it, and then a different line of text along the lower half, if that makes sense? It will become clear soon don’t worry. Once that is done select the circle and then select the scissors tool located here. With the scissors selected you then simply tap once on the left anchor and then again on the right anchor. You will find that the circle has been split into 2 halves. From here you will want to select the text tool but hold down the select button and opt for the type on a path tool. For the upper text you click and type away with whatever it is that you intend to say. Once complete you can select the direct select tool and click here to drag the text from left to right. Go in and change your size as well as typeface to what you wish to use. I like to drag a guide down so that I can align the text perfectly. For the lower half you do the same thing, select the type on a path tool and type in your text. Now as you can see the text is upside down, if you want it that way that’s great, but what if you don’t want it that way? Well by selecting the direct select tool again this time drag the curser here until you see the small black arrow symbol appear, then drag the text over the line and it will flip. nce everything is as you would like it you are good to go. If you de-select everything you will see that your circle is invisible. You can now add ‘magician’ to you CV! The circle will not appear on print or web work. If this has been helpful, which I hope it has, give me the thumbs up and be sure to chime down in the comment section below if you have any ideas for further videos. Other than that take care and design your future today, peace