The Dragon Who Does Not Breath Fire Essay

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I don’t breathe fire. Know that may seem as a big deal but its not.

It all happened when I was destroying a castle and a boy surprisingly threw water in my mouth. I was like that won’t do anything but then when I tried to breathe fire couldn’t. I went back home and sought medical advice. The doctor said there was nothing he could do (I think it was because he was human, all humans are stupid). I got angry and killed him, it wasn’t my fault I tried the anger management classes but they didn’t work. I realized rarely use my fire anyway so I’ll still be the best dragon ever.Anyway when I got back home I told my friends and they laughed but you know it wasn’t funny. Asked them what I should do about it.

Samuel said I should go to the wizard that lived in that castle, but I said no because he doesn’t like me. After that there were no more good ideas so I finally understood that would never breathe fire again. But my friends wouldn’t leave it at that. They went to the wizard’s house and asked him to help their friend.

He was very angry because when Samuel and Jake knocked on the door the wizard was shaving, so he lost his concentration and cut himself.His face was covered in tissues. I was surprised that the wizard decided to help them. I bet you Samuel and Jake were too. The wizard did still complain though. He said “Can’t a wizard shave without him being interrupted, for God’s sake. ” Samuel and Jake didn’t listen though and just said “You’ve got to help our friend, he’s lost his fire.

” The wizard said “I’ll help but only if you give me a tear for a spell need. ” They said that thefts do it but I know Samuel and Jake. They’ll say they’d do it and then just do something else.They both owe me about 500 dragon coins each. They say they’ll pay me back but it’s always the bank was robbed or my credit card’s not working.

But let’s get back to the story. Samuel and Jake set off on a quest to find the Breather, a magical stone that grants you one wish but it has never been found. They fought monsters, destroyed castles and obliterated armies to get to the cave that holds the Breather. But when they got there as soon as Samuel touched it, it vanished into thin air, probably into another cave. That’s robbery why it has never been used or found.The wizard “Well, I’m all out of ideas but you still have to give me one of your tears.

” As soon as he said Samuel and Jake flew away. See I told you this would happen, I should have put money on it. They came back to the Dragon Caves and told me what happened. I was excited at first that they might have gotten me my fire back but I was wrong. I said “It’s K, I don’t need my fire anyway because I am still the best dragon ever.

” But I was actually worried. Hope I get my fire back soon or I might be cast out of the Dragon Caves.