The Duty Bound Individual Essay

The Duty Bound Individual

Undoubtedly, education systems around the world teach pupils to submit papers, take examinations, and participate in class discussions to get through grades.  Grade after grade, the student is taught to be duty bound to his or her teachers and the school system.  If obligations at school are ignored, the student is told that failure in life is inevitable.  Education at home similarly concerns obligations.  As an example, I was taught to help my friends and family and told that if I failed to fulfill my obligations my relations would turn sour.

     This is the reason why my decisions are based on obligations that I believe I must meet.  Also according to the Ethics Awareness Inventory, I am least inclined to make my decisions based on equity.  In other words, if my manager invites me to become a co-manager, it is morally right for me to take up the job, simply because I am duty bound to my manager, even if my coworkers have all shown open disagreement to the idea.

     Of course, at school it is the friend that matters.  Teachers are enemies if they can fail their students.  Thus, the school system, as it exists today with its own principles of what constitutes good learning, also teaches students to cheat on their assignments if it means that they can help their friends.  At the same time, however, it is my own decision to take certain obligations seriously rather than others.  If I were to feel a deeper affinity with the school system, I would not agree to cheat even if cheating allows me to help a friend whom I feel obligated to help.  Equity concerns permitting everybody to have a say (The Williams Institute, 2003).  Then again, with an obligation centered perspective on moral issues, I am most likely to rank my duties in order of importance, regardless of the morality of others.


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