The Effect Transportation to Environment Essay

One of the current issues facing by the transportation industry in Malaysia is environmental sustainability. For Malaysian an underdevelopment country, sector of transportation play an important role to economy. Therefore environment issues, especially within the context of sustainable development, have not been holistically addressed in Malaysia so far.

According to the meeting future priorities in Malaysian 2009 conducted by Grumit Singh K.S(Chairman of the Centre for environment, technology and development Malaysian) said that most of the sustainable development and environment issues unresolved because there is a lack of political will, absence of holistic planning, fragmented and overlapping agency responsibilities, checkered enforcement of regulations, and inequitable distribution of tax revenues between the Federal and state governments. The issue of transportation and the environment is paradoxical in nature of whole global including Malaysian.The relationship of paradox between environment and transportation can show by two expect. First, from one side transportation activities support increasing mobility demands for passenger and also freight. On the other hand, form another side transportation activities have resulted in growing levels of motorization and congestion. In conclusion, the transportation sector is becoming increasing linked to environment problems. With a technology relying heavily on the combustion of hydrocarbon (eg.

uel), the impact of transportation over environment system has increased with motorization. This has reached a point where transportation activities are a dominant factor behind the emission of most pollutants and thus their impact to environment.For example: In 1997,there were roughly 8. 5 million registered motor vehicles in Malaysia, climbing at the rate of 10 percent or more every year.

According to 1997 figures, the estimated quantities of air pollutants released by these vehicles were 1. million tons of carbon monoxide (CO), 224,000 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 101,000 tons of hydrocarbons (HC), 36,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and 16,000 tons of particulate matter. Mean values for the years 1993 to 1997 show that the amount of air pollutants from mobile emission sources accounts for 81 percent of all air pollution occurring in Malaysia. From the data above shows that the problem of the air pollution is already occur for long time.Besides that, the costs of environmental externalities can be considered from economic, social and environmental dimensions. The basic types of transportation externalities attributed to the environment fall within air pollution, water pollution, noise, and hazardous materials.

As we know that if the issue of environment become more serious it will harm the living creature including human being therefore step of prevention to our environment should be taken as soon as possible.Regarding to the forum of environment and sustainability conducted by CILT (Charted Institute Of Logistic And Transport) support awareness of the critical important of environment sustainability and position of CILT as key provider of reliable and thought-provoking information including promoting new thinking and research, sharing best practice, highlight regulatory issues, encourage debate, linking to subject matter expert in business, government and academic organization and NGOs. Therefore environment sustainability is an increasing critical issue for business worldwide and therefore steps of prevention also need to taken in our country.