The Effects of Cold War to American Lives Essay

The Effects of Cold War to American Lives

The Cold War lasted for about fifty years. This conflict between the two powers, the United States and Russia (USSR), has affected many lives around the world, especially the lives of American people. The United States spent billion of dollars for its war effort in those times, thus affecting American civilians and the American economy.

            The United States military spending greatly improved the economy of the United States. The economic growth has been due to the success of industrialists and businessmen who greatly benefited in military spending. Furthermore, the change in foreign polices and the signing of treaties which made the trade between participating countries possible greatly helped the United States economy. The Marshall Plan is one of these policies. It led to a large hike in demand of products manufactured in the United States, which eventually helped the economy to grow (Foner 909).

            The United States military also invested large amounts of resources to scientific research to improve weaponry. Since these researches are usually done on Universities and schools, it develops a rapid improvement and expansion of the country’s education system. It also led to the improvements of medicine, aircraft, computers and other products which greatly improved the life of Americans (Foner 909).

            The American government also changed its immigration policies to promote what they called the free world. Every one who fled from communism is being accepted in the United States regardless of their race and origin. In return, this immigration policy had dismantled the race segregation because of the different races that flooded the United States. Black people have been now widely accepted as citizens who have the same rights as the white men (Foner 909).

            The cold war certainly shaped American lives during its reign. It reconstructed the United States community. It propelled the growth of the society economically and socially. The United States has done a great deal during the cold war. Additionally, the moves undertaken by the American government proved to be good for the American lives and the American economy.

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