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The Treaty Of Versailles causing WWIIMAH FinalBy Allie HudsonWorld War I ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty ended the conflict between the Allied powers and Germany. This treaty reinforced the boundaries of Germany and brought forth liability for amends after war. The signing of this treaty took place in Paris, France on June 28th, 1919. Many claim that this treaty was bleak on the Germans and it made the Germans showed anger. When the Treaty was written, Allied power hated Germany, taking all of of Germany’s colonies. As the second world war came upon countries of the world, the German remembered how cruel the Treaty of Versailles was. The Allied powers treated Germany bad. This made it easy for Hitler to take advantage of his people and steer them toward going to war. Because of this treaty, Germany’s economy was driven to the ground. Germany needed to pay the allies 33 billion dollars in damages. The Allies pretty much caused to crash of German economy. Germany had to give up their colonies because of the bad economy. Some of these colonies held great industrial areas. In surrounding countries around Germany held a lot of Germany’s ethnicity. ┬áThe treaty also created military restrictions for Germany so the military was very weak and could not do much. The weak economy made for a horrible government. Hitler rose to power and pretty much told the German people that the Allies stabbed Germany in the back, screwing them over. The German military could not be in the main industry region of Germany while the air force was also banned, not being able to own combat aircrafts. Ships and submarines owned by the German Navy were lost. Germany felt ashamed and foolish. They were made into fools, having a very weak military and government. I personally believe the Treaty of Versailles was a huge cause of world war II, maybe one of the main causes even. If you really think about it, Hitler used people’s anger towards the Treaty of Versailles to gain some success, leading to his leadership of the country. If people trusted him on this idea, then maybe they trusted him his other idealistic views. Because of the trust, this lead to deaths of millions of jewish people. So, in a way the treaty of versailles, because of the anger and trust of Hitler, millions died. The treaty still has an affect on us today. European countries have become closer than ever, 100 years later. They learned from mistakes of the treaty and have found better ways to make peace. While the treaty of Versailles focused on punishment, creating a short term effect of peace, other more successful treaties focused on working together. One treaty makes way for history forever.