The Enlightenment Essay

The Enlightenment

            Indeed, it was our forefathers who made it possible that we enjoy the things that we enjoy in our country today. They wished for the people to be free, and that’s what we’re enjoying now. The Declaration of Independence removed us from the burdens that hindered us from being free, and it can be assumed that it is the initial step in building a great nation such as ours, but have we ever thought about why our forefathers aspired for such? Simply put, the Declaration of Independence is an output of a period of enlightenment, wherein we chose our own path, choosing to be independent rather than succumb to any force distant from us. It is a great example of enlightenment because we were able to realize the faults and loopholes of the predicament that we’re in at that time.

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We chose independence not just because we wanted to, but because it is the best option for us. Enlightenment is the phase wherein we know what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad for us, and at that time, there is no point in settling for the bad. The people who built this nation were indeed enlightened ones, and with what they did, enlightenment has been shared with a greater number of people, the very same people enjoying the freedom and independence of the present.

            The Amendment that I think exemplifies enlightenment is the Amendment X, wherein the powers not delegated to the country by our institution will all be reserved to the respective states or to the people. For me, this is indeed enlightenment because we were finally able to recognize the importance of the people. Before, we were all under monarchial rule, following the whims of the elites that ruled over our lands, people who will never be our equal, people who will remain in that position at a very long time, without giving the same chance for others to be in his place. Enlightenment for me has been attained with the Amendment X because we are finally able to break away from the chains of other people’s rule, and somehow we were able to do so because we are able to grasp our situation better.