These you have entered on the screen.

These are input devices generally used by the whole company.  Keyboard – This device allows you to enter data into the computer through your keyboard. The keyboard being obviously a board of keys that have different purposes. Pressing the key that has the letter ‘P’ on it would show a result on the monitor depending on what application or software you are running.  Mouse – The mouse onscreen cursor is used to open applications you need to compile databases about the customer details. It is a simple tool that just lets you control what you want to do on the computer.

For example moving the mouse around on the mouse mat would make the onscreen mouse move with proportion to your hand movements. HARDWARE – OUTPUT Output devices are devices that enable you to obtain the information through hardware. These are output devices generally used by all the company.  Monitor – This device displays the information you have entered on the screen. An example of this is the GAME cashier typing or scanning information in to the EPOS terminal and the monitor displays what she has just entered. Speakers – this device emits sound from the program you are running.

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Sound is only heard if the sound is incorporated with the program.  Printer – this device allows you to copy the information on to a piece of paper. Programs such as Microsoft Word allow you the option to print out your information. HARDWARE – STORAGE DEVICES Storage devices are pieces of hardware that store the data that has been produced by the computer. These are storage devices generally used by the whole company.  Floppy Drive – this device allows you save all their work on a floppy disk. A floppy disk is not used to holding a great amount of work as it only has a storage capacity of 1. 44 megabytes.

The way it works is that you insert the floppy disk in the disk drive then specify on the computer that you want to save whatever you want to save on a floppy disk. It is commonly addressed on a computer as the A drive. CD-RW Drive – this drive allows you to copy large amounts of information onto a CD, which can hold copious amounts of information. The storage capacity of a standard CD is 700 megabytes. Programs such as Nero Burning Rom allow you to copy specified information. For example if you wanted to back-up some of their customer files they could use CD-R disks to store their information.

Hard Disk Drive – this is the computers main storage device. It is situated in the computer itself and boasts a profuse amount of space. The standard amount of space being an overwhelming 40 gigabytes. HARDWARE – PORTS AND CABLES Ports and cables are the things in your computer that connect everything together. These are the ports and cables that are generally use by the whole company.  Parallel Port – this device is a connection point through which a computer sends and receives data concurrently by means of a number of separate wires, generally used for linking a printer or external storage device.

USB Port – this device supports peripheral devices. Every computer has one or more USB connectors. The USB connectors let you attach everything. The operating system supports the USB as well. USB are the most simplest or easy to use cables.  Serial Port – this device is a general purpose interface that transmits data in one direction. Serial ports provide a standard connector to let you attach devices such as modems. HARDWARE – PROCESSOR The processor is the brain of the computer. It controls everything from starting up the computer to running various applications.

For example if you clicked on the Microsoft Excel icon because you wanted to open the application, the processor would process that information and then do what you asked of it. Another example is that if you were typing something on Microsoft Word, the keys that you press on the keyboard has to go through the processor which then processes the information to make the computer understand what you have done. It is like a translator. It is like a TV turning analogue signals to digital signals so it is able to interpret what it has to show on the TV. The processor that the whole company of GAME use is Windows NT.

4. All their processors have an abundance of speed with 2. 6 gigahertz. They also have a temporary memory of 512DDR RAM. SOFTWARE GAME is a very sophisticated company that uses software to its full potential. They should, seeing as they are a company that sells software. Software on the whole is programs that you cannot touch. They can do a number of things from instructing hardware to do things and to carrying out a multitude of tasks. The software GAME uses are: SYSTEMS SOFTWARE This is the system software generally used by the whole company. Windows NT.

4 – this operating system is used by all of the GAME branches in the UK. APPLICATION SOFTWARE These are the application software generally used by the whole company.  MS Word – this is a word-processing application software that allows the user to produce documents. It is incredibly suited for writing reports and notices to staff in GAME. UTILITY SOFTWARE These are the utility software generally used by the whole company.  Norton Anti-Virus – this program scans the computers for viruses and removes them. This is very useful if you are connected to the internet a lot where a lot of viruses try to attack you.

Disk Cleanup – this program allows you to get rid of unnecessary information from the computer. The information the files are taken out of most is the temporary files folder and the recycle bin.  Disk Defragmentor – When a program is installed on your computer, the program’s files may be broken up over multiple locations on your hard disk. This is called fragmentation. If fragmentation occurs on your hard disk, the performance of programs on your computer is slower. The Disk Defragmenter tool optimizes the performance of your computer by reorganizing the files on your hard disk into contiguous blocks.

When the Disk Defragmenter tool completes the defragmentation of files on your hard disk, the performance of your programs is faster because the files are arranged closer together.  WinZip – this program allows you to compress large files or folders of information and also allows you to unzip files and folders in their compressed state. GAME don’t use the basic software that most of the world uses. They have constructed their own program that does practically everything they want it to. This software does everything from creating databases about customers to keeping track of all the software being bought and returned.