The I chose was ANIMALS ARE PROPERTY Essay

First of all, I chose this article because the title is vey attractive to me. My daughter and volunteer in an animal shelter, so it’s a given I am a sucker fora stray.

The attachment one can make with an animal that has nothing or nobody is remarkable. This essay is peer reviewed, I found this by doing a search in search summon in the APUS library, and filtering the search by marking the scholarly and peer reviewed. The claim of this essay is stating that after everything our U.S. soldiers go through and witness on a daily basis overseas, they are still human and can feel emotion and need affection, and just like any other human they are entitled to it. Even if its from a starving, flea infested dog. In this essay the author does use the Toulmin method. The author is able to prove her claim by “bridging” her data to the claim.

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For example; In the case of Band-Aid, when SSG Henry became aware that his pet would not be allowed to return to the United States, he took the dog and ent into hiding in an abandoned shack until Baghdad Pups was scheduled to pick the dog up. Pannella, 2014, p. 14). This is a really good example that proved soldiers are only human and cannot help but to have emotion.

From what I recall, I have not used this method before and if have I was unable to recognize it. Yes, I can almost guarantee I will use this in the future. Simply, because my major is Legal Studies and this method seems like a logical way to form an argument. A lot of my concern is with the writing style MLA and he direct quoting with proper citations, I was not aware of how much I completely did not know or understand about MLA.I will also pay specific attention and be sure to include signal phrases that introduce direct quotes and/or paraphrases. I am very hopeful that I will be learn from mistakes and correct them for future essays.