The essence of Jesus Christ Essay

The essence of Jesus Christ

            Apart from being the central theological message of most Christian sects, the teaching of Jesus Christ is a practical way to rouse an individual’s sense of morality.  While Jesus is the prophesized saviour of humankind, Biblical passages reflect the influence of his teachings on the practices of the early Church and how modern teachings have followed or altered Christ’s teaching.

            Jesus’ basic tenet on the Kingdom of God and the Messiah inclines on the fact that the Kingdom being spoken of can be achieved through adherence to the examples constituted by the Messiah.  As such, Jesus’ metaphor of bread and wine during the Last Supper (Luke 22:17-22, New International Version) is most helpful in representing the essence of His mission simply because Christ himself entailed that it is through Him that man will receive the gift of the Kingdom of God (John 14:6).  This also sets the recognition for the true meaning of His suffering and death (Crowley, 2005, 12) because few, at the time, failed to understand that his suffering and death is the fulfilment of God’s promise of his Kingdom (Mark 15:31-32, NIV).

            Likewise, the conflict between Jesus Christ and both the Jewish as well as the Roman authorities of the time mirror the failure of understanding the core of Jesus’ message. Both the Jewish and Roman authorities perceive Christ’s tenet on kingdom as an earthly domain or palace where the king lives in wealth and glory (Mark 14: 60, NIV).  And due to the world’s lack of understanding of Christ’s true message and the rampant discrimination of colonized races, the Apostles who served as the first advocates of the early Christian Church experienced persecution and rejection in spreading the good news about the Kingdom of God.  Today, the Roman Catholic Church remains as one of the ministries who suffice for the human needs for God’s words parallel to that of the early Church.


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