The European Influence on Native American Essay

RUNNING HEADING: The European influence on Native American The European influence on Native American By Eric Orr COM 220 Axia College Melanie Jeffrey, Instructor By early 1600s the Native American formed a confederacy to work against the Europeans.

The Europeans influence the culture of the Native American by bring diseases, constant warfare because the over taking of land, guns, steel hatchets, pots, and kettles of brass ,and even the way to produce cloths and make die for thread. The Europeans’ came with their cultural arrogance basically put their influence on NativeAmerican by been diabolical and using weapons to accomplish meds ends. In this paper will discover how the influences of the Europeans change Native American cultures.

Some of the influences that will be reviewing in this paper will be: How the Europeans rudely affected the harmony and balance that the Native American had adopted. The paper reviews alcohol was introduce to the Native Americans. How alcoholism has affected a once seem as fit and proud nation form a health standpoint today. This paper will also review the high- risk affects toward health issue. There also will be charts and raphs to provide how in the present the influence of alcohol is affect the Native Americans. When the Europeans invaded North America and tried to rob North America of it resources. They were met by the Native Americans cultures that had different ways of looking at the world.

When the two cultures met a profound change occurred between the two. There about 10 millions Native American already here before the European ever set foot on North America. The Native American welcomes the Europeans in the century with open arms until the Europeans took there cultural arrogance and disrupted the hythms and sprit of nature that Native American had. The Europeans was told in one standpoint that the Native Americans were savages and man-eater because hostile attack some explorer experience. On the other hand, they were told the Native Americans are helpful and eager to trade with the Europeans. Keep in mind there was doubt about the Native Americans because they did not know what to expect from them. European introduces the Native American to diseases that ran rapidly through the tribes.

The Europeans was custom to own land and they use their influence on the Native American ho did not care about owning land. The European trick the Natives by introduces them to the marvels of the old world. Wars broke out over the land issue because the Natives were living on the land that the European wanted. They had an account for greed and treachery by the Europeans. The Europeans came over and introduces the Native American to disease like measles and other diseases. The Europeans came with families, and some of the children had measles. The European children would grow to immune the disease but the adult Native American could not fight off the disease because adults had not it as a child so ould not acquired the immunity to measles. That in turn also started genocide within The Native American race.

When I look at the issue of Native Americans not acquiring diseases like the Europeans it come from domesticated animals. The Europeans were more advance in domesticating animals than the Native Americans were. So that large amounts of the plagues that the European had come from. The Native Americans had no such animals around therefore touching and coming in contact with sick animals was not known to them thus making Native Americans more susceptible to the diseases.

Cow pox as a disease that came from a cow, which call cow pox that mutated into Small pox. The Native Americans cultures had no way of fight the disease because they little or no cognation about the disease. The Native American lost about 95 % of the native’s people over a 130 years time span to the plague that the Europeans brought over.

The natives that survive the plague was emotional destroy because of the family, lifestyles, ancient culture, and friends that they had lost to the plagues. The Native Americans was the most health people until contact with The Europeans. This created genocide of unprecedented proportions among he Native Americans. Some of the Native American joins forces with the European in the beginning to establish a trade for commodities. Then Native American like Powhattan tried to use the European for the weapons so he could take over various tribes. He had already controlled some tribes but was trying to make his forces strong against the Europeans without the Europeans knowledge of it.

The European came bearing gifts trying to trick the Native American into peace. Of course as time took place the greed of the Europeans to control the land took over and wars broke between the two.The Native Americans fought the land that was rightfully theirs with the Europeans. Here in is some status that show how the culture influence of the Europeans affected the Native American By looking at today mortality rates as it applies to The Young Native Americans.

The age-adjusted mortality rates for the following causes were higher among American Indians than among all races in the U. S in 1983: 1. Tuberculosis–560% greater 2. Alcoholism–374% greater 3. Accidents–135% greater 4.

Diabetes–107% greater 5. Homicide–91% greater 6. Pneumonia and influenza–39% greaterAlcohol was brought by the Europeans in the 1800s to the Native American during the fur trades. Alcohol, with its addictions for the unsuspecting Natives, allowed warriors were cheat of out, slaughter, or both, all for their coveted furs. The next several figures listed below will show how alcohol has affected the Native American compare to all races. Alcohol was use as a small part in the interaction with the Native Americans.

The American trading companies use the alcohol to there advantage to make companies grow bigger. The Europeans realize that alcohol was creating havoc among the Native Americans since hey did not have alcohol in their culture. This is a fact how alcohol has affected has affected the Native Americans in the present -day This chart presented by National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health show how alcohol is the primary substance abuse drug today among the Indians. As I can see the introduction to alcohol has divested the Native American races compare to the other races. These charts represent just the minor influences that the European made on the Native American more than 500 tribes each with its own culture, heritage, and unique set of circumstances. Alcoholism buse rates are much higher among Native Americans than other culturally diverse groups. Alcohol has destroyed the very existence of the Native American culture. Even though alcohol was not the declining factor, and still is the significant factor in their culture.

Compare to other races the Native Americans has the highest rate for substance abuse treatment. This was a race that was more health consensus than another race on the planet at one -time. Look at figure two an understanding how it has affected the Native American race. These facts are going up every year because of the genetics in the NativeAmericans.

The whites are 7. 9 %, which all most half of the Native Americans who stand at 14 % but the whites introduces alcohol to the Native American figure that out. |Figure 2. Percentages of Persons Aged 12 or Older Who Met the Criteria for Alcohol | |Dependence or Abuse in the Past Year, by Race and Ethnicity: 2002, 2003, and 2004 | |[pic] | | | Look again at figure two it even includes children’s as well. Who would think that alcohol would affect a race of people like this?Have to look at all the problem that comes behind alcoholism. Domestic’s violence, poverty, mental issues all these thing cause by alcoholism. Native Americans were roughly twice as likely as whites for employment in America.

In 1999, about 26% of Native Americans lived in poverty, compared to 13% for the United States and 8% of white Americans. Take a look at the cart below from data360 it shows how the Native Americans are the highest of the poverty people in America. The Native American who lives on reservations has the most poverty rate in the country. The average household has annual income below $5000 that lives on the eservation compare to the annual incomes that is more $35000 in the U. S population.

People tend to think that the tribes are making money by running casino. I rally have to look at the geography location for and judge it for myself because a portion of the casinos are in remotely places. Poverty level is so low that health care is seriously in need of an up grading and improvement. Native American has a need for improvement of disease screening, a strong encouragement for health enrollment federal programs for the Native American communities. Make sure that funding is available for the programs to odernize health care among them. The money is available because the government spends 30% of capital in prison than put the money in health care for the Native American. Of I have not review the fact on how the European put their influence on the Native American agriculture.

Germ warfare starts back in the 1600s when the European can over with the epidemics of measles and small pox. The epidemics of disease wipe out 95% Native American population that was close to European settlements. They found extensive meadows ready for planting, which were the farms of Native American.

There till was a problem because some field needs to be clear of stomps and stones. There were limited resources because there were not enough animals to do the work. So the work became back breaking for the Europeans. Some of the stomps were left to rot for up to about 300 years. The rocks were too large to be moving by hand but tools were invented to remove the stomps but they plant around the stones. Native American planted other vegetables along with the corn that was planted.

The European start taking after the Indian in planting but later discovered that separating them could make a better yield corp.The European influence the way the Indian use to the tools they had from stone hatchets, pointed sticks, and bones that were made to use as shovels and hoes. The tools made a difference in the yield of the crops that the Native American was producing. Native America would leave the after awhile because they felt like it would ruin the land if they keep harvesting on it. The European did what they do best try to use up all the resources before moving on I think it made kind of sense because been able to settle down and have something of ownership.

The crash of cultures that took place as Europeans entered the New World had imitless penalties for both European and Native Americans. Their eating habits were transformational in the areas of the potato, corn, and chocolate. The Old World launched and initiated sugar, cattle, chickens, pigs, and sheep to the New World. Models of world trade were also inverted, as New World crops, like tobacco and cotton. The trade was greatly lengthening creation of sugar, which awakened the rising consumer markets. Because of the rising consumer, markets there became a transformation of the natural environment. Once the Native American had adapted to native natural nvironments/physical environments it placed a means to them being able to shape and meets their needs. Their needs were met by them working able to assemble irrigation systems for use fire to clear out brush.

The Indian people supplied themselves with farming land and promoted the advancement of wild game. However, Europeans had a much more destructive influence on the environment, clearing massive strips of wooded territorities, which unintentionally started a large assortment of Old World weeds. The introduction of such animals as the goats, cattle, swine, sheep, and horses furthermore hanged the ecology. For example, grazing animals ate up much native plants.

A cultural revolution that was extinct to Americas for 10,000 years was the horse. The horse drastically restructured the lives of the Plains Indians by renovating hunting, transportation, and warfare. In the beginning, Indians did not recognize what kind of enormous animals, the elk dogs were that is how on group described them. By the horse, being introduce it gave confidence to groups, like the Cheyenne, who started as farmers to develop into hunters. Horses prepared hunters a great deal more to be roficient at killing wild game. Inside a century of contact, the germs that Europeans passed had killed 50 to 80 of the Indian population. Death and disease were two consequences of contact against Indian people who had no innate immunities, which caused enormous deaths in history. Therefore, disease completely condensed the opposition that Native Americans were capable of suggesting to the European intruders.

For thousands of years, Indians had lived in natural remoteness. Unlike open to the elements to a large mixture of pathogens from birth, the citizens of the Americas were mmunologically defenseless. They had crossed into the New World in little bands, too little to carry on the epidemic diseases living. The tremendously cold atmosphere of current-day Alaska and Canada set aside many diseases from piercing southward into the Americas. Additionally, the Indians did not have herds of cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs to keep pathogens active.

a few cities, north of Mexico in America, which had thousands of inhabitants essential to spreading diseases. The peoples of the New World demonstrated being astonishingly susceptible to gonorrhea, mumps, cholera, smallpox, easles, yellow fever, and whooping cough. Adult men were mainly vulnerable to the destruction of disease. Even though men were call the stronger sex, those between the ages of 15 and 40 were predominantly to die in epidemics. The spread of disease moreover stressed religious conviction systems, convincing many of their ancestral gods had abandoned them and leading some Indians to support Christianity. Whereas the devastation of disease triggered some people to take on a more nomadic life, other Indians reacted by setting up new tribes out of the existing miscellany of prior ivilizations. With the Indian population destroyed by disease, Europeans would initiate a new labor force into the New World, which involved enslaving Africans. The enslaved Africans would be put to work in mines and plantations (tobacco and sugar) at shocking numbers.

Until the slave trade was stifle there were 10 millions Africans shipped to the Americas during 1502 and 1870. Regardless of death, destruction, and disease that had contact, people of North America were not alter into powerless pawns. They maintained vivacious civilizations that fight back tremendously to become ccustom to a drastically shifting environment. References Anderson, T.

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