The evaded taxes with his son Marko

The case that caused a lot of controversy in the media in Serbia wasa case against Miroslav Miskovic, the richest businessman in Serbia. He wasaccused of illegally obtaining a property benefit of more than 30 millioneuros. Miroslav Miskovic was under a suspicion that he took advantage of theofficial position by extracting financial assets and assets from privatizedroad companies, therefore acquiring a property benefit of over 30 millioneuros. Moreover, he was accused that he evaded taxes with his son Marko on thetotal value of 3 million euros. The reason this caused a lot of controversy isbecause the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, promised in the campaign thathe will fight against corruption and do whatever he can to arrest Miskovic, andstop him for illegally acquiring companies in Serbia. Like all politicians, hesaid that just to make people vote for him. In order to understand the lawsystem in Serbia, It is important to understand that the whole system iscorrupted, the decisions are made based on the ”who gives more money”principles.

That is how it was in this case. Miroslav Miskovic’s case justserved as a good marketing advertisement for the president of Serbia andcontinued to do his ”legal” business career.  It was the 12th of December, 2012, when the owner of Delta Holdingwas arrested in a police action in Belgrade. According to the same order, hisson Marko and the director of “Nibens Group” Milo Djuraskovic and hisassociates were arrested. After seven months of detention, Miroslav Miskovicwas released to defend himself from freedom, with a record deposit of 12million euros. “Delta”, his company in the “shock andunbelief” received this decision of the court, but the money for deposit,however, was found.

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In November 2013, the “process of the century”began. The courtroom was full of lawyers, including foreign observers inMiskovic’s camp. At first, Miroslav Miskovic ”did not understand” the complexindictment. The process was continued with a lot of peripheries, which includedtaking away the passport from Miskovic, and then returned it to him foroccasional business trips. The Miškovi? Defense was based on the mining of alegal interpretation of tax laws. For this purpose, the defense called Božidar?eli?, Minister of Finance, and Aleksandar Martinovi?, the head of theparliamentary committee that interpreted the law, and former President BorisTadi?. The court rejected this proposal.

In the meantime, the new president ofthe council, Maja Ilic, began new mandate with fierce clashes with lawyers. The”War” began seemingly innocently with misunderstanding aboutscheduling the hearing because the lawyers claimed that the court had notconsulted them on the terms of the trial. After several delays and a collectiveboycott of the defense attorneys, the trial was blocked.

In March 2016 thefirst non-verdicts were released The Chamber of the Special Court sentencedMarko Miskovic to three and a half years in prison for the tax evasion of MeraInvestment, but he, Djuraskovic and others, freed him for illegally acquiring propertieswith roadside companies. The verdict of the son hinted at the decision in thefather’s case, so Miroslav was sentenced to five years in prison in June of thesame year but was also freed for illegally acquiring properties.  What appellate court decided next just proved how corrupted the lawsystem is and how Miroslav Miskovic was actually protected by president ofSerbia. In September this year, the Court of Appeal overruled thefirst-instance verdict for tax evasion and confirmed the acquittal of roadcompanies. The Appeals Court found in the judgment that the Special Courtviolated the provision of the Serbian Constitution on the principle of the divisionof power in the part of the convicting verdict at the expense of MiroslavMiškovi?, as well as that he substantially violated the provisions of theSerbian Criminal Code and the European Convention.

The Court of Appealconcluded that the court did not answer the two contested legal questions:whether in the particular case the capital gains were realized and whetherthere was an obligation to calculate the registration and payment of the tax onthe deduction for capital gains and for whom Conclusion In the last five years, nobody from the court, nobodyfrom the cabinet of president has come out in the media and said what proofsthey have against Miroslav Miskovic and his cooperatives. Everything was hiddenfrom the people and it was just a good ”mask” for average people so theywould not think about real problems such as standard of living. This particularcase just shows how the law system in Serbia is corrupted and how big moves arealways made behind the scene. Every average smart person in 2012 knew that thearrest of Miroslav Miskovic was just because the president of Serbia neededpolitical points. And he got them, his support raised from 24% to 41%. Miroslav Miskovic had made his fortune back in the 90s with thesupport of former president of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic.

If Serbia was anorganized and no corrupted country, Miroslav Miskovic would spend his life inprison. But that is not the case, he is free and has every legal right tospread his monopoly and own almost 50% of the market in Serbia.