The Existence of My Being Essay

The Existence of My BeingPart 1: 600 wordsI came from Ethiopia and stayed in Oakland California around one year. I became a California resident and study in one of U.S.A. College near to my apartment. I took the course Biology Major at Laney Community College and attend some classes.I love studying Biology. I’m always fascinated by this subject.

I like unfolding mysteries and admire how Nature works; understanding the hierarchy of organization, taking a glimpse of atoms under the microscope, with lots of subdivisions up to the anatomy of different species. I learn by the method of Reductionism reducing the complex systems to simpler components that are more manageable to learn.My first Biology course was “Introduction to Biology”.

It’s a lesson that tackles about how Science works; including the creation of the Universe and the systematic way of studying things by using scientific approaches. My interest and amazement to it became a strong foundation for me to continue my class. I also acquire human anatomy. It was a very interesting subject.

Finding out how the human body is made up, how it works in some ways and organized in anatomical view. I also took Molecular Biology. This class ranks higher subject in the Biology course in the Community College Level I. I love this course so much! It captures my curiosity and opens my mind to wonderful things that God created; the chemistry, the function and reason of things. The DNA topic makes me pursue my dreams to discover new things. It clears my thought by supported evidence of DNA, which is the basis of human inheritance and not the protein by adding some basic sight the triplet genetic code of life; including the study of Genetics of bacteria and viruses gives me clear understanding with supporting evidence.

The bacteriophage is a virus used in widely research tools. I did fine in my Biology course no later grade than B. I also took Chemistry course, a requirement in Biology Major. Mostly we thought Chemistry was just relying on the Periodic Table of the element by dividing two parts organic and inorganic. I took inorganic parts of Chemistry offered at Community College and mostly focused on Carbon. The question that you may asked is why I didn’t take the Organic Chemistry and Physics because it is required to be an Upper Division course for my major and I’m planning to have it at the University but at least I have finished other required transfer courses.

I found myself captivated by the things that I unfold. The Mysteries of life triggers me to make the continuation of my goals. The conservation of life, the rights of every creation to live and have their own life inspires me a lot. Although, I’m not a part of the Conservation Team yet, the group that preserves and protects every creation that lives, I felt the additional need of men to secure them, to know their character and their being. Anyway, that is Biology, the study of the life of every creature. It is the Course that I wanted to finish. I’m studying them to understand my being. This is very important to me and the life that I’m going to have with the knowledge that I acquired in this school.

It only proves how powerful and knowledgeable God is. I am very grateful to Him for giving me the understanding that I need. I like my life to be fulfilled with things that is useful to me, my fellowmen and my God, who knows my heart more than anyone else can.Part 2: 217words (200)I’m uncomfortable to express myself in this question but this is necessity. I can say my talent is from God.

Not all people have the ability to pay attention and interact during class. You can’t interact to the speaker if the audience is not a good listener. It helps me understand things more clearly by advance reading and studying.

I have good experiences around the campus because of the goals I want to accomplish; perseverance is one of the key.Continue learning is very important to discover new things and go with the flow of changes around, with that I can bring a good contribution to Campus and mankind. I have the quality it takes to help my fellowmen and serve God.

I want to o learn and discover things for the coming generation. I also finish what I had started and I’m responsible to whatever action I take.I believe that God will not give me this ability for nothing. I am thanking the Creator for everything that I learned and still learning in my life. I’m giving much importance to my existence and the reason my being. I know it’s hard to gain knowledge especially the things that you didn’t know but after learning them it gives me motivation to continue and finished my goals.

Part 3: 212 words (200)I came to this world with no idea about my real family. If you’re going to look at it, it’s sad. Yes, I know how it feels for I’m one of them. Those people who didn’t have the chance to see my true family but that is just fine for me I’m looking ahead and not my staying in my past, I cannot continue with this kind of thinking. Although, there are people who became my so called family and love me, I put my trust to God than any human being. He is my provider and my protector.

I’m looking ahead to my future. I want to have a life that I’ll always treasure until my death. You will notice in my transcript that I have two years gap.

It’s not because I am irresponsible but it’s because I’m taking care of some issues of my personal life that is why I’m having hard time to go back to school and finish what I already started. I am thankful for the things that the Almighty gave to me from my friends up to the people who share their life with me. I bet you understood me, thanks for that.

I need to face my past before I can continue my run.Part 4: 135 words (100)When I arrived here for the first time in this country the found out that there is a mistake on my birth date in my PERMENANT RESIDENCE CARD (INS). They put the wrong birth date which is 7/22/1972. As soon as the government gives the go signal and has made the change needed, it is going to be alright.Another thing is on my application there is a question about exam which I had taken like SAT or TOFU. I talked to UC applicant representative and they said that it is a routine question to many students.

I told them that I took the test. It is compulsory to take the test citizen who graduated from high school which included all type of subjects. I took the assessment test, accelerated and allowed to take College.