The Expanding Discourse: Feminism and Art History Essay

The idea of gender as a teaching guide in the America is something that many have tried to stop, including the scientists and church members and the community, reason being many take it as immoral and something that can have negative impact to the society and children. It is something that affects the community through many negative ways including the community intellectually, politically and spiritually.  The thing of sex and gender is something built up and these two ideas are important to each and every person in life, and it is only dangerous when one decides to abuse the issue of sex has been there for a very long time and it has kept for a very long time and created very strong bonds between different peoples and thus people have continued reproducing and thud forming families. Sex is mixture of chromosomes and in the due process play a reproductive function. Or in other words a man produces XX, XY chromosome whereas the woman provides the ovum and when they combine a boy or a girl is born. Sometimes those people with unclear sex organisms or both sexed are referred as Hermaphrodites or Chimera and they have assorted or mixed chromosomal heritage. This condition at times can be rectified surgically which have been performed for many years successfully. It is estimated that about 15% of population of the America are Hermaphrodites.

Femininity in the past known to be matching the idea of maleness, a personality that has brought about better and improved the degree of various sizes and strengths of man and women. The supremacy was the principal mannish peculiarly and capitulation being its female counterpart. This kind of combination has been seen as an important and an expected requirement to the reproduction of people. People who are unruly refuse to play their gender roles, like in men seen becoming homosexuals and women lesbians with a purpose to avoid their reproduction job. When investigating the duties of sexual category as an appearance that is very complicated to identify and gender gives away strictness in terms of twofold sexual category definitions. The sexual category is simply defined as either male or female. The sexual individuality is not always understandable especially with the ones that are either undisclosed or changed surgically but in the most cases it is usually easy for one to identify gender of a person. In cases where the sexual category is not true, as one observes and compares one can see clearly if someone has faked his gender. In communities and especially in the developed areas many immoral behaviors like homosexuality and lesbianism seems to be done by many people thus this is something that has affected many peoples socially and the way they view sex. The gay community has continued pressuring the governments to legalize the gay marriage something that in many countries is illegal. The issue homosexuality has continued causing confusion even in the churches as today some churches accepts the gay marriage something that many have termed to have negative impact towards the religion. In this group of people associated with immoral sexual behaviors do create disadvantages on gender as they are mostly people who do not want to play their fathering roles and responsibilities. In order to protect holiness the Government of the United States of America and other groups like Non Governmental Organizations and religious groups has launched a campaign to discourage people from being involved in such immoral behaviors. The gay and lesbian community has being fighting to be given equal rights as compared to heterosexuals and this rights they are fighting for includes; right to marry and adopt children. Other challenges are like they time to time continued ask the government to legalize public self definition of the sex something that disputes and violates collective values in a community. Some of movie production groups have attempted to produce cinemas that are likely to have a positive impact towards gender matters something many groups highly value and appreciate as it helps improve the way people understands these matters, thus helps in terming sex more positively and discouraging immoral aspects of sex as portrayed in most communities of today’s world. These production companies have also produced materials that can be exposed in a church for viewing or public places and in the due process has helped in rescuing the churches core values which are known to be dying out. Many other groups are searching for means that they can use to protect their culture and values keeping them together, and do this without affecting their community’s virtual behaviors. The Christians involved in the illustrational arts have always done their best in conjunction with other organizations and countries outside the America in acting plays that interests different communities in matters of gender and equality and thus maintaining positively the way that people see gender matters. The highly stylized representations have been highly featured like for instance in the play where only one player acts as a nude woman and in this kind of appearance acts as the masterpiece during the play. It a bad thing as seen in many peoples when we see religious actors with a commercial interest producing this kind of plays so that they can benefit financially other than helping improve the gender values of a community. Some Christian organizations are fully dedicated to focusing on family matters something that makes cultural values for a given community better in terms of representation and image and thus making them look more positive towards the construction of gender matters. These kinds of organizations has greatly helped in supplying the communities with magazines to help counsel peoples in gender matters and thus improving the gender roles played by different peoples and at the same time maintaining the customary qualities of various family units.

The religious groups have forcefully exercised goal oriented achievements to help in empowering of communities in terms of artistic and through this means they have deployed gracious promises to many peoples across the whole world as seen in the book done by “Tim Miller and Holly Hudges”. Some writers have written journals touching gender matters traditionally and even reflecting the modern world forming some kind of artistic appearance and thus helping improve positive way people view music. Artistic works with humorous theme helps in making better of the modern society and making people to accept their gender and then they are able to face and do their duties in their families and communities as they are required to. Other writers prefer to focus on dual gendered scheme and also at the same time including science fiction as the basis of their theme, some that easily attracts audiences of different backgrounds. For the people who are genderless or hermaphrodites are often defined as people having both sexes and dual gendered. The people who are have an objective or neutral gender have raised dispute over the unsuccessful universal socialist rebellion. According to the questions that has been raised by many, trying to face the issue of gender disparity and prejudice as they have become more obvious than in the former members of early developed nations and this is the example I have used to illustrate the seriousness of this matter as the forecaster of the outlook of sexual category. The other proposal raised seems to be more reasonable, the reason being even before it has being put into test the biographers like ‘Donna haraway’ have shown that our communal fascination with the new expertise and technology will finally come up with a way of interbreeding the macrobiotic organisms with the mechanical parts to come up crones or things like cyborgs which can be simulated rather than born naturally, therefore no sex required to reproduce and thus totally violating gender in the human race. One of the major signs of humankind or civilization is our potentiality to replicate and be grateful for art. The skills of art exceptionally portray character in the society and once the authority is accorded to visual performers in the public it helps a lot in improving positively our community and improving the diplomacy. The control of artistic figures is disputed in our imaginary tale world, through which we sees reflections of human feelings and expertise that does not help the today’s world families. Art has also done a lot and like in the film industry in terms of generating huge incomes for the successful players and also, at times art has actually helped in forecasting of life according to the film by ‘Mathieu Kassovitz’ called Hate. A huge proportion of cultural art creations, created by people of both gender found varieties cultural works dealing with the cultural work tackling with the gender convolution. Their voices extended beyond, mix together and form disagreement which represents the today’s world contemporary conversation on the jeopardy of gender alteration. Thus this became the answer to the communal sexual category in the today’s world.

With the pressures created in the past the community has declined the control master dialogue and bad means of reasoning and thinking and the dual gender on the sources of their inadequate descriptive authority of with a look upon the complicated structure of sexual category. In the scientific monarchy an uprising comprising of some thoughts, may replace the negatives ways of view on gender, as people have believed and then replacing them with more positive means that are more truthful. According to the research conducted in many nations it is very clear that the world still remain untouched in terms of the chronological backgrounds touching the sexual category matters. An academician predicted and encouraged use of dialogue in an the method of evaluating gender matters because he was unable to change the investigational outcomes on the grounds on how one sees things or point of view. The humans who frequently have sex amongst themselves tend to tends to cause complication to different sexual categories, something that can be very dangerous to love affairs and families. It is evident and clear that after people have sex, it more likely to breakup something that has caused animosity to many peoples lives. Relationships are tending to face disadvantages because in the most cases either of the partners is not always ready or able to play his or her roles and duties in the family. During the 20th century a research showed that that about 1.7% of all births was as a result from children under the age of eighteen years. This being one of the reasons that caused rising levels of albinism across the whole world and research has already shown that it is more likely for children to bear deformed and children with anomalies. Inter sexuality is today placed as the biggest reason for development of a better program where sexual categories will be redefined to as dual. In the early 1960’s the artistic works with many other areas of business and communities were without a word conquered by traders and curators who especially involved men, which was customary and thus discriminating women in the booming business of artistic works. Women were not able to generate income through artistic works and forced to be involved in other non income generating activities. According to statistics women were very few in artistic works as compared to men and due to this reason they did not stand a good chance for development. A woman called Louise who liked her work and also admired by many. Her work was not openly focused to be feminism in nature; the feminist art is however known to contain opinionated features. After revealing the beliefs of a patriotic society it appears to helping in construction of more valued and appreciated women, as it have being said that have been prejudiced against in the world of arts. Many people are known to have been known to totally against artistic works especially where feminism is involved. It is very clear that only a very few female artists were successful in the business of artistic work and there men were very highly privileged in this field. Customary women were mostly involved in arts of weaving and sewing and thus this made the scenes look even worst because this made them look like they were only supposed to be involved in non income generating affairs and domestic matters and thus leaving them worthless. Many of these women did this kind of jobs just to keep them busy and also help them improve their dignity as they were the least dignified in most families. Some women like Miriam who used to create images that alleviated the picture of a woman in the community, trying to evaluate how feminism worked and with deeper illustrational meanings showing the attractiveness of a woman in any given community. Miriam who was a very hard working though a woman could be finally valued in a community but later after working hard to improve the way people viewed feminism, she found out that that very few people or none valued women artistic work.

This was the kind of condemnation that women artists had to face and sometimes it gave them some strength and benefited them financially at times especially when they came across clients showing some interest in women affairs. The opinionated feminism as a law targets to improve the community and make men see women more positively and appreciate their doings accordingly. The political feminism aimed to increase  fairness to women in the societies as has been with men, and thus through this equality women will be able to generate income fairly just like men, then this making them feel more marketable and valued assets in families. Susan Hiller discovered that in Britain the female movement groups were the least valued and appreciated by the government and people in the nation in general, due to this lack of prop up for the customary rights due to political differences and cultural beliefs. There were also major differences arising concerning the importance of the scenery caused after allowing women rights activists. It appeared as if the government feared releasing full democracy to women because most of the power holders were men and feared that women development would deny them their power and taking over the control, something that many termed that it will totally violate the customary laws. The male artists who rather appeared to be heavily interested in their commercial art interests and thus it was very hard for them to allow women join this business because they feared they could bring unnecessary competition in the market.

Though it was never possible to bring gender fairness in the community according to the way people believed customary and in a community that was male dominated. According to the researchers most of the female artists were been rather used for their communal duties in the neighborhood something that did not favor women at all. Women were used to the ordinary and non income generating income jobs in the art industry and this had undermined their power due to lack of finances and thus leaving men as the only powerful in the artistic world. At times women were forced to do jobs that undermined them just to see if anyone could notice and value their work in the community. Due to the rising cases of women launching campaigns that were meant to empower the woman, most people felt annoyed because they felt this was provoking their customary beliefs. Even other women like ‘Linda Nochlin’ wrote books touching on how to improve the gender fairness amongst the peoples who lived in our communities and in her essay she focused on the topic of women issue, asking why they are the people who does the most in the community and still are the ones who are least valued and continued arguing why women could not be given an equal chance like the men in the art world. She further proceeds and finalizes by arguing that due to the constraints that women has faced over the time is a thing that has denied them a chance to access fully their potential in the art world and thus they were subjected to low skills in their art world, yet at the same time seeing men progress in this field. Another artist named ‘Judy Chicago’ was among the first characters in the women movement in the United States of America and when she was still a student she was shocked by the way women affairs in art were given very little attention, even after they had attained the full skills required in this field. Even though she attempted to shape these bad tradition through art of painting but very few did give some attention to it. As she advanced further in her career, she continued with her feminist career attitude which ignited confusion in the in the art industry. She understood art as a weapon and soon she recovered its power in terms of finances, due to this reason she decided to work on it and helped in her economic transformations and improved some cultural changes. In her art work she focused and concentrated in stopping people who have negative issues towards the women and their old fashioned contemporary beliefs. Through her expertise in the west coast art world helped her launch the first feminist government and continued moving the communities positively towards the art work in the women, something that helped her alleviate her program. After she had discovered this art program touching mostly on the women matters back in the year 1971 which helped the women in finalizing the huge differences they had with men due to old fashioned cultural beliefs. Even though she felt kind of discriminated in the art world and thus preferred working in other fields which were not related to art. The collapsed program was meant to edify women financially through artistic works. Even after she had left the art world she still felt of herself because many people appreciated what she was doing and had managed to bring the women rights in the art world to a whole new level, which many were unable to accomplish as previously seen in my essay. She really had tried to renovate the roles of women even helping the poor women to do the jobs that were mostly assigned for men and through this project she manages to help thousands of women to achieve their goals. Some of the jobs that she provided women were like the ones of building and construction, just a few to mention and with this kind of works helped in improving the confidence in women especially in social matter and gained more confidence in themselves. It was clear that women were seen to be mostly trapped in the house work something that many of them saw to be undermining their full potential. Judy did all her job during this times trying to alleviate the women affairs especially with her artistic work and creative thinking which was seen as a success by many but never appreciated by the government and men due to their old fashioned cultural beliefs. Her main idea was to the women issue in the artistic world to light and create awareness on what was going on in the women lives. For the women to succeed in this projects at times they were forced to come up with artistic work featuring masculine art something that many termed to be violating the cultural rights of the community but later people seem to understand what they wanted and started appreciating the women’s artistic works. When these women did these jobs felt even further challenged because in these days, it was compulsory for women to do their maternal duties as expected of them. This all leaves a big question, and leaving us wondering how successful the founders of these women movement success were extended. Even though the women like Judy did create some positive effect in this race today we still face very huge challenges, as we see some communities of the world are still left behind and have violate women right to work in any field. Today there is existence of women movement as there is very big needs to campaign for the rights of women to work and live a normal live just like men does all the world as they have being totally deprived their rights of work. The inter sexuality today is termed as best way to redefine the gender in to as dual and thus in the due process improve the way communities understands the gender matters both in home and work places.  The other important thing of concern is the government has to redefine some of the customary laws that violate the rights of women to work and feel appreciated for what they do. Otherwise women today are beginning to be appreciated for what they do and who they are and thus helping them gain their freedom at work in terms of work and also efficiently manage their family and attend to their family duties and responsibilities without affecting their marriages. In this essay we realize that that the feminist art association was coming up and these women were only wondering, why there is a very huge gap between them and men. This was most importantly featured in the America, Britain and other developed countries and during this times they were so many peoples who opposed the women groups and due to civilization women were able to stand up and fight for their rights. During the earlier days when people were not civilized, most communities appeared to rely on their cultural beliefs and which in the most tribes they oppress women as seen in this they are denied their rights to contribute and exercise their full potential in artistic work. In the past men have appeared to selfish and thus leaving women with nothing good to do, and the olden times in the art history women art could not be fully understandable and recognizable because of the many challenges they faced. The feminist speculation must be considered according to the way their lives was oppressed and had to do jobs that are non income generating and house wives. In the art world we realize that there a lot of misunderstanding something that did not make women not to progress and it was for men to make almost all presentations to the audience a woman was not put in to consideration. According to way God created us we see that women are weaker than men and yet with all these they seem to be denied most of their rights as in this case of art. At many times men tend to be disobedient to women and this one of the factors that has contributed to women lack of training in the artistic world.

The women who were progressively involved in art were in some ways had harvested the good fruits of art works including.

They stand a chance to operate without struggling to succeed.
Not a must they appear before audience with men present.
Those who are successful can actually work in freely without being controlled and at the same time benefit financially.
A goal oriented person can work without pressure, and even with challenges they are able to attain their goals over the time.
The artists who are focused on one kind of art are capable to make their art look feminine.
Art has helped many women to actually pull out of their problems.
Are able to move freely and control their lives and makes them feel free of what they do.
They are able to feel proud of themselves and thus not scared by someone because he is rich and increasing their confidence.
They are involved in the artistic works and thus giving them an equal opportunity.
The feminist art work must be considered as a major topic in this discussion, as it the topic that helps alleviate women artistic affairs. Women nowadays are being recognized and those who are successful enough they get scholarships according to their performance. The most of the records on women artists were recorded back in the years of 1960’s and 1970’s as this was the moment the women started realizing their art dreams and the potential of art, especially in the way men understood women and help scrap some of bad cultural beliefs. Art today has attained success and now today thousands of women have benefited through art and thus providing employment for women.

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