The Financial Performance Of PTCL Accounting Essay

Capital of pakistan: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited ( PTCL ) has projected over Rs9 billion net income for the following fiscal twelvemonth without a individual penny of investing for easing its over 4.5 million endorsers, harmonizing to a budget papers of the company made available to The News on Monday.The PTCL, privatized in 2006 and handed over to the UAE is Etisalat, will to a great extent dependant on its grosss from the PSTN service with budget estimations of Rs22.77 billion during the FY2010/11, the papers said.Despite addition in its gross, interestingly the company ‘s allotment for the proviso of revenue enhancements will about stay unchanged at Rs4.913 billion against last twelvemonth ‘s payment of Rs4.970 billion.

Of the entire net gross of Rs60.39 billion for FY2010/11 against last twelvemonth ‘s aggregation of Rs54.15 billion, the company will hold one million millions of rupees under its services, including MM & A ; BB, international concern, radio ( WLL ) , Evo, bearer and sweeping and corporate services.Further interrupt up of net gross includes Rs8.

086 billion from MM & A ; BB, Rs7.241 billion of international concern, Rs2.284 of WLL, Rs1.230 billion of Evo, Rs11.

412 billion of bearer and sweeping and Rs7.368 billion from corporate services, it said.Besides, the company is besides having non-operating income, including Rs2.685 billion under the caput of return on sedimentations and investings, Rs182 million of late payment and Rs176 million under the caput of assorted.The operating disbursals of the PTCL besides amounts to Rs49.

014 billion for FY2010/11 against last twelvemonth ‘s disbursals of Rs44.382 billion, an addition of 10 per cent, while there is no reference of any investing for bettering the quality of the service and debut of new engineerings, the papers said.Of the entire operating disbursals, Rs12.351 billion has been allocated for depreciation and amortization, Rs11.

132 billion for employment costs, Rs5.799 billion for foreign operator ‘s cost, Rs2.429 billion for overseas telegram and orbiter charges, Rs4.062 billion for fuel and power, Rs1.8 billion for dubious debts, Rs2.

705 billion for fixs and care, Rs1.701 billion for endorser ‘s acquisition cost, Rs3.014 billion for licences and regulative charges, Rs1.317 billion for selling disbursals, Rs469 million for rent, rates and revenue enhancements, Rs771 million for USF and Rs1.

464 billion under the caput of other disbursals.Of the medical disbursals, it said that the company has earmarked merely Rs400 million under the caput of medical disbursals for 29,381 employees of the company and merely Rs134 million as productiveness inducement for the employees.The PTCL besides continues its retrenchment policy of employees, including senior direction to mid and junior directors and it will put off another 83 employees during the fiscal twelvemonth 2010/11.The entire lay off employees include two stations of executive frailty presidents, five stations of general directors, five stations of senior directors and troughs each, 17 stations of helper troughs, direction trainees and 49 stations of non-management trainees, it added. payment of Rs 4.970 billion. ( Newspaper “ International THE NEWS ” )



During FY09 PTCL faced a double challenge of monetary value abrasion and escalating costs. Due to the increasing competition in the telecom sector and displacement in client penchants PTCL did non merely supply more value to its clients by presenting incorporate duty for on-net calls but besides introduced new services specially concentrating on countries of Wireless Broadband and Corporate services for client keeping and heightening its gross watercourse. The undermentioned paragraphs discuss in item the fiscal public presentation of the company during the last 5 old ages.

7.3 Lost 2008[ 3 ]

During FY09 the net income after revenue enhancement of PTCL was Rs 9,151 million as compared to the loss in FY08 of Rs 2,825 million. The loss during the twelvemonth FY08 was because of the organisational transmutation steps taken by the company.

7. 4 The grosss 2005 to 2009

The grosss in FY09 stood at Rs 59,239 million, which were 10.7 % lower than the last twelvemonth. Grosss from voice continued to slow with an increasing rate of diminution in fixed telephone due to aggressive monetary value competition, higher revenue enhancement and nomadic permutation. The grosss from the local telephone declined from a degree of Rs 60,704 million in FY08 to Rs 53,093 million in FY09.

However, the grosss from the international telephone increased from Rs 5,632 million in FY08 to Rs 6,199.5 million in FY09. The entire grosss in FY07 were Rs 65.28 billion as compared to Rs 69.09 billion in FY06.

This diminution was chiefly in the domestic section due to competition and decrease in duties. However the direction is doing attempts to hike grosss by bettering client attention in add-on to establishing new bundles and services.

7.5 The diminution in the net incomes 2005 to 2009[ 4 ]

The diminution in the net incomes of the company due to the above-cited ground has led to a lessening in the gross border per centum besides. The gross border or operating net income border of PTCL declined in FY09 to 18.15 % from 24.

67 % in FY08 and 26.33 % in FY07. The ground for the diminution in the operating net incomes has been increasing in the cost of selling, and selling and merchandising disbursals. This addition is attributable to the debut of new services and bundles and launching of runs to increase consciousness of multimedia and broadband. The foreign operators cost and orbiter charges increased to a degree of Rs 6,053 million in FY09 from Rs 3,541 million in FY08.

Vigorous attempts were exerted during the twelvemonth to roll up delinquent receivables climaxing in decreased degree of proviso required for dubious debts and therefore diminishing Administrative and General Expenses to Rs 8.935 billion compared to Rs 10.824 billion last twelvemonth, ie a economy of 17.

45 % on this history. Besides the net border of PTCL has shown a worsening tendency over the last 5 old ages. It declined from 30.46 % in FY05 to 15.45 % in FY09.The worsening income after revenue enhancement has been the premier ground for the diminution in net border. Furthermore, the worsening net income has besides led a diminution in the return on operating assets and return on equity over the past old ages. The return on runing assets stands at 10.

96 % in FY09 as compared to -3.34 % in FY08, 18.76 % in FY07, 25.53 % in FY06 and 34.83 % in FY05.

Similarly the return on equity bases at 9.28 % in FY09 as compared to -2.71 % in FY08, 14.45 % in FY07, 20.

22 % in FY06 and 25.45 % in FY05.

76 The liquidness place 2005 to 2009[ 5 ]

The liquidness place of PTCL has shown a fluctuating tendency over the last 5 old ages. The current ration declined to 1.

5 in FY09 as compared to 1.81 in FY08 and 2.19 in FY07. The current assets increased by 36.9 % in FY09 from the FY08 degrees of Rs 39.

6 billion. The addition was noted in short-run investings, which grew by about 103 % . These investings are in the signifier of short-run sedimentation arrangements with different Bankss. The current liabilities grew by 64.7 % in FY09 from FY08.

The current liabilities stood at Rs 21.9 billion in FY08 as compared to Rs 36.1 billion in FY09. Increase has been in the sum of current part collectible to PTA against the WLL license fee, the sum collectible is Rs 1,953 million. Besides trade and other payables have registered a growing of 20 % in FY09 to Rs 26,114 million from the FY08 degrees of Rs 21,731 million.

These payables include the gross revenues revenue enhancement collectible and progresss from the clients. Combined these two have grown by 71 % in FY09 from FY08 degrees. ( FY09: Rs 2,918 million, FY08: Rs 1,704 million ) . Similarly, the speedy ratio of the company has shown a fluctuating tendency. It declined from 1.

58 in FY08 to 1.36 in FY09. There has been a little addition in the shops and spares. They increased by Rs 248 million in FY09 from the FY08 degrees.

7.7 The entire plus turnover 2005 to 2009[ 6 ]

The entire plus turnover of PTCL has besides been demoing a diminution in the last 5 old ages. It declined from 0.56 in FY05 to 0.38 in FY09. The ground for this is the diminution in gross revenues and increase in assets.

The entire assets of the company increased in FY09 to Rs 154 billion from Rs 137 billion in FY08. A major displacement was seen in capital work in advancement, which increased by 25 % in FY09 from the FY08 degrees of Rs 7.8 billion. Long-run investings have besides shown a growing. They grew in FY09 by 55 % from the FY08 degrees ( FY08: Rs 3,607 million, FY09 Rs 5,607 million ) and the long-run loans grew enormously by 743 % in the same period ( FY09: Rs 3,332 million, FY08: Rs 394 million ) . The addition in long-run investings was due to the progress given to Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited for issue of ordinary portions.

The addition in long-run loans was due to the loan given to the subordinate Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited under a subordinated debt understanding.

7.8 The debt to plus ratio 2005 to 2009[ 7 ]

The debt to plus ratio the company had declined well in the FY05 but the tendency reversed in the FY06, worsening once more in FY07. It is of import to detect that the company has a proviso of leverage by raising financess through borrowing money from fiscal establishments. The alteration in current liabilities was brought approximately largely due to a diminution in current liabilities of the company in the FY05 and an addition in the same in the FY06. The absence of the dividends collectible part of current liabilities in FY05 and its coming back online in FY06 was an of import subscriber to the tendency. Furthermore, the FY06 besides saw an addition in short term adoptions of the company, complemented by additions in other constituents of current liabilities.

Additions in assets, chiefly originating from higher hard currency and bank balances, could non forestall the tendency of the debt ratios. The debt to plus ratio has once more increased in FY09 to 36 % from the old degree of 29 % in FY08 due to an addition in the liabilities of the company.There has been a major leap in the current liabilities due to the grounds cited in the old paragraphs. The long-run liabilities besides increased by 5 % in FY09 due to an addition in deferred authorities grants, these represent grants received from Universal Service Fund ( a authorities formed bureau ) chiefly associating to belongings, works and equipment received as aid towards development of the telecommunication substructure in rural countries and include telecom substructure undertaking for ( I ) BASIC telecom entree in Pishin, Mansehra, Dadu and Larkana ; ( two ) Optical fiber extension – Balochistan Package – 2 ; ( three ) Broadband undertakings in Faisalabad, Sargodha Civil Division, Multan, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan Civil Division and Hyderabad Civil Division.

These grounds have besides caused fluctuations in the debt equity ratios of PTCL.

7.9 The fiscal strength 2005 to 2009[ 8 ]

The PTCL was satisfactory till the twelvemonth FY07 but it was dismaying in FY08, as the TIE ratio had fallen well.

The TIE ratio of the company continued to lift in the FY06 despite lower net incomes during the period. However, it declined in FY07, as a consequence of lessening in net incomes. This reflects the small ability of the company to pay off its liabilities as they become due. The major part of debt arises from current liabilities.

The TIE ratio became negative in FY08 due to the losingss suffered but so it improved in FY09.

7.10 The EPS ( Gaining per portion ) 2005 to 2009[ 9 ]

PTCL has shown a fluctuating tendency in conformity with the net profitableness of the company.

It declined from Rs 5.22 in FY05 to Rs 1.79 in FY09. It was negative 0.55 in FY08 due to the losingss suffered. Dividends have besides seen the fluctuating tendency over the past 5 old ages.

The dividend payout was about 38.34 % in FY05 and has now increased to 83.6 % in FY09. However in existent footings the DPS have declined from PKR 5/share in FY06 to Rs 1.5/share in FY09. The stock monetary value of the company has besides seen a fluctuating tendency.

It stood at Rs 70.25 in FY05 but on June 30, 2009 it has declined to Rs 17.24.

Presently the portion is being quoted at KSE around Rs 20/share.The graph above shows the tendency in the fluctuation of stock monetary value of PTCL and the KSE 100 Index over the last twelvemonth. The stock has a beta of 1.

06, which means that the returns on the stock are positively correlated with the market. The maximal monetary value reached by the stock during the period get downing 1 January 2008 and stoping 24 February 2010 was Rs 50.80/share on April 18, 2008 ; and the minimal degree during the same period was Rs 12/share on 26 January 2009. The current stock monetary value is around Rs 20/share.