The Fizzy History of the Soda Fountain

Ever wanted to know about the bubbly and fizzy history behind the soda fountain? When the soda fountain was invented it changed history with its fizzy deliciousness. The carbonated water was created a while before the soda fountain was invented, but it was invented so you wouldn’t have to buy a can or bottle. You could walk in and get a meal with a cup and filled with any soda product you’d like, plus you can get refills. Therefore, it was a lot easier for people to use the soda fountain.

The soda fountain was invented in 1819 by Samuel Fahnestock. Fahnestock was known for inventing the soda fountain. He was born in Lancaster, PA but then lived in New York City. By the time he invented the soda fountain, he was 55, but later died at the age of 72. Samuel Fahnestock invented the soda fountain to quench the carbonated soft drink and he wanted to sell the soda by glass (Stroman).At first, the soda fountain was a barrel-shaped with a pump and spigot to dispense carbonated water, and it was meant to be kept under a counter or hidden (Bellis). The reasons why the soda fountain was invented are simple. It was made to get soda easier and cheaper.

Also, to quench the social demand for carbonated soft drinks (Camp). The fountain was invented in 1819 but, soda was made in the late 1700’s. Although the soda fountain was invented in the 1800’s, it is still being used today. For the same reasons, it is used to make it easier and quench the social demand.

It isn’t much different than the ones in the 1800’s. However, it has changed in looks and features. The soda fountain used to work by a pump, now they work manually. Also, throughout the time, more Coca-Cola products were added to the soda fountain.In conclusion, the soda fountain had a huge impact on our world today and changed history. It was a huge success and went worldwide.

However, it was meant to be kept hidden but eventually was everywhere. Although soda was made in the early 1700’s, the fountain allowed it to be much easier on everyone and quench the social demand. At that point you didn’t have to buy cans or bottles when it came straight out of the fountain. Also, the soda fountain still has the same purpose today.