The another bacterium and they should also use

The intestinal barrier is the most important
barrier between the host and external environment, and it is important to
maintain the integrity of intestinal barrier. There are many factors help to
mucosal barrier function, including intestinal integrity. The gut microbiota
plays a key role in establishing intestinal barrier function (37). In the present critical review, I have focused only
three intestinal bacterial genus probiotics (Lactobacillus,
Bifidobacterium) and Akkermansia
to investigate the impact of these bacteria on gut barrier during obesity.
There are also other gut bacteria which have key role to maintain the
intestinal integrity. Most of the gut bacteria and their effect on intestinal barrier
were studied in in vitro cell line and animal models and the translation of
these results to human efficacy in vivo is virtually unexplored. Importantly,
in all three gut bacteria (Lactobacillus,
Bifidobacterium and Akkermansia) studies (describes above), they should
take in account (in animal or invitro studies) that instead of targeting on
only one gut bacteria and its impact on intestinal barrier they should also
considered on another bacterium and they should also use another know bacterium
as a control to compare the outcomes of experiment. for example, The Study
published by Cani et al 2016, where
they did not use another bacterium as a control to compare the effect of live
or pasteurized Akkermansia (18). Another important point to be consider that the
methods used to measure the intestinal permeability. In all the studies
(describes above), there were lack of appropriate methods to access the
intestinal barrier. As these studies (describes above), did not use any human
subject, only using cell culture or rodent model and collecting tissues at the
end of studied so it could be more helpful if they could consider using more
appropriate methods or techniques to measure the intestinal barrier integrity
from collected animal tissues and try to get more detailed information from the
studies (Which is ethically more appropriate than repeating another experiment
in animal model again)