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The black death had the biggest impact on medieval europe.Because it killed so much people all those people’s ideas and innovation couldn’t have been used to help Europe because they died. the bubonic plague killed a lot of people which was in between 40 and 70% of people. Like thats crazy imagine if 70% of people u knew died.The economic impact of the plague was really really big . Agricultural prices dropped a really big amount,and made farmers really poor and because all the farmers were poor and couldn’t produce crops everyone else except the really rich did have food.The black death wasn’t all bad though before the black death doctors relied for on biblical cures.but because of the black death towns and villages slowly started to implement local health boards who developed and used sanitation procedures.Because so many slaves and serfs died it ruined the whole society and cause europe to lose power.People who survived the black death saw this as the wrath of that logic they thought the only way to overcome the plague was to get God’s forgiveness back. Some people though the way to do this was to get rid of bad people and trouble makers.So thousands of jews were killed in 1348 and 1349. Thousands more ran to the highly populated regions of east Europe where they could kind of be safe from the mad big mobs in the cities and towns.So they turned to church and it had no answers so many people started making private chapels.Now one of the biggest problems with the black death is the it spread easily and medieval europe wasn’t the cleanest place so the black death thrived in this kind of place.And the black death also killed many doctors and that was very problematic.The black death killed more than 20 million people in Europe and almost 1/3 of the continent’s population.Now the people are Feeling like God had turned his back on them so the people started to turn their backs on him. They started to celebrate being alive. They held gluttonous banquets, drank wine, wore flamboyant clothing and gambled. And did a bunch of other things there religion told them not to do. The black death was spread by rats and fleas on ships because the fleas had the black death disease on them and they were on the rats and the rats came to europe on ship from asia were the disease started and when the fleas bit the people they got sick and some science say the black death was a airborne disease also means it can stay in the air until someone eats or breathes it in.Now another reason why it killed so many people is like i said before most the poor people and serfs died which are usually people who worked on farms.and because of that there were to many people and to little food.because of that there immune systems were weak so (and because of the environment)people got sick very easily.On an another note(because I feel like putting this in my essay), the effect on education was also a big factor on people being dumb in the medieval ages.  The Black Death killed many students and teachers on both the high smart university level people  and primary basic  levels of education, but also killed many were going to be students and teachers.Because primary level teachers died, students during the Black Death found it harder to get a good primary basic education.  This added with the fact that many would be students also died means that Medieval universities had a smaller and less    amount of smart people.