The French Renaissance and Change Essay

The French Renaissance and Change            Following the emergence of the Italian Renaissance in the early 14th Century, France underwent a period of intense artistic and cultural change that affected the way Europeans in general approached their lives during the early 16th Century.  This essay will outline the major themes and forces that helped to shape this era in an effort to highlight and illustrate the reverberating influence it had on future generations.            This epoch was defined by the impact the Reformation had on all facets of life.  The development of the printing press allowed the mass publication of the Bible and secular life came under onslaught from religious authorities and the government.

  Further technological advances such as gunpowder and the cannon changed the way military involvement was conducted.  Human life underwent a dramatic change.Cultural life was at an interesting turning point under Francis I, with many of the Italian masters coming to France to show their works to a new audience, and many French artists going to Italy to study the works of the Italian Renaissance.  All of these elements changed the way people considered how and what their lives meant.

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  There was a shift to a new humanism that was based on the natural world, but there was also a great economic divide between the ruling elites and mass society.The French Renaissance created a divergent path towards humanism and enlightenment from the previous Gothic area that heavily focused on the spiritual mythology and allegorical representations of religious life.  There was a great cultural divide through Europe at this time and France was struggling through the Hundred Year War.  The country and its people were struggling both politically and economically, but was flourishing artistically and culturally.