The future of Newspapers Essay

Since the beginning of civilization man has always portrayed the importance of knowledge and news as a top priority. The ways of giving news has changed over the period of time, and from a few paged newspapers, to news being broadcasted on radio and TV, the technology to give news has changed a lot due to the advancement of technology.

            The business of news papers in the future would get a touch of technology and would have a massive change compared to what it is now. One possibility that looks like it can be an alternative to traditional newspapers would be a flat screened palette, which would get automatic updates from the internet, of news from the newspaper companies and this device would run on the technology of today’s wire resistive touch screens (touch screens). The reader can operate the news paper by his fingers or a stylus and would even have the facility of zooming photos and articles like the concept shown in I-phones. In this kind of technology the newspaper companies can add more inter-activeness by adding polls online which the reader would just have to press or giving the readers choices of puzzles or crosswords which in today’s time doesn’t exist. In the future time would hold be a constraint and people wont have time to sit and open up news papers and which is well explained by Smith’s quote ‘Declining newspaper readership makes interactive electronic media all the more attractive as a way of attracting new readers, including the twenty-something crowd’ (Steve Hoenisch , 2007).There is going to be massive change in this industry as people are getting more affluent to use technology for their convenience  and as when the social economic scenario changes for developing countries, this format would hit them soon in the very near future.


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