The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth Journal Entry Essay

The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth, by Alexandra Robbins Discovery Journal #1 Question: Who is the narrator of this book? Why is he/she telling this story (what is his/her purpose)? Exactly what is the author’s argument? Textual Evidence: Bullying has had a major impact on how students handle different situations.

Several teenagers were driven toward the option of suicide. These decisions are partly because students find it harder to fit into a group and parents feel that being different will pay off in the long run.Answer: Alexandra Robbins believes that many students in school feared trying to fit in because when they tried students became more hostile toward them, eventually leading to an episode of bullying.

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She shows the example of the cafeteria fringe and how people that are excluded will never find a group because the students already labeled won’t try to change because they are too scared to find a new group of friends, and they would rather criticize others because they followed the example of their group.These students felt that it was easier mistreating others, than taking their time to treat others with respect. Robbins described Danielle as a loner who tried to fit in by changing the style of clothes she wore, but that strategy didn’t work, and she eventually even joined her own hate club because students harassed her more by starting a note fight and hoping that she would die from anesthesia when she underwent her dermatological surgery. All of Danielle’s attempts to try to fit in failed and she knew that students in her school would never change, so she was what Robbins considered the cafeteria fringe.