The Glass Managerie Essay

In the Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams a twenty-three year old named Laura is stuck inside her own little world of glass ornaments.

After one week of business school she had dropped out because she was physically ill and did not confront any of this to her mother Amanda. Until one day Amanda dropped by her school to see how her daughter was doing and found out she had dropped out. When she confronted Laura about this and questioned her what she was doing when she was supposed to be in class she says she was mostly at the park thinking. Laura is a girl in her own world where responsibly, stress and money is rare.Her brother Tom doesn’t really get along with Amanda.

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He spends have his time outside the house going to the movies because he can’t deal with his mothers presence. When Amanda and Tom argue yet again and Tom leaves to the movies, Amanda then waits for him to apologize and Williams then says G. M. 29 “.

.. Her face with its aged but childish features is cruelly sharp, satirical as a Daumier print. ” Honore Daumier was a French artist in the ninetieth century. The connection between Daumier’s work and Amanda’s face is the thought that Amanda’s expressions are as evident as those on Laura’s glass ornaments.Amanda’s positive attitude with Laura getting married to Jim doesn’t turn out as she hoped. She is told G.

M. 93 “… not work but-Betty. ” Jim is married with a girl named Betty and their going to get married the second day in June. This hurts Laura in a good way and bad way because just a second ago he was complimenting her and eventually kissed her. What had happened I believe is a good thing because in Laura’s collection of glass ornaments she shows Jim one animal in particular a horse with a horn on his forehead.

I believe this symbolizes her. She is not well meshed with everyone else she’s different. In the end, Laura ends up with a broken heart while Amanda tries to confront her. Tom abandons them much like his father had done. I believe the lives of the Winfield family are much like the lives of Laura’s glass menagerie.

They wait for something to effect their lives and futures. Their existence is as beautiful but yet fragile as glass are set upon a shelf. A shelf so high that not even the existence of reality can reach them.