The Global Managers Essay

The Best Global Managers Come from the World’s Largest Countries

            The question of where the global managers come from has been a bone of contention among members of business communities and the world at large. A well thought analysis has finally identified that that it is in the world’s largest countries that we have the best global managers (Moore, 2005). From a business point of view, a best manager is the one who addresses diversity in his or her place of authority. Further still, a good manager always looks into the welfare of the employees without gender, race, ethnicity or even age discrepancies (Moore, 2005). This essay will explore reasons why the best global managers come from the world’s largest countries.
The worlds’ best global managers are indeed based in the largest countries of the world. Some of these countries include Canada, USA, Japan and even Europe (Moore, 2005). What happens is that in these countries, there are many cultures that exist there. As one develops intellect, he or she grows in a multicultural environment where there are a variety of cultures (Moore, 2005). With these factors acting as assets, one is able to have a broad view point of life and matters of relation. This is very helpful in the future of these individuals as they will put into practice all they have learnt in most days of their growth (Moore, 2005).
On top of cultural orientation, language is another professional skill. Most leaders in the world’s largest countries know more than one language. For instance a leader in Europe may have the knowledge of French, Germany and Chinese in addition to English (Moore, 2005). This is very helpful when it comes to the administration of an organization as it will help address various cultures with human relation (Moore, 2005).
For a manager to be successful, he or she must employ diversity policies in the duties as a manager. Most of the individuals who have grown and even learnt in the largest countries we have in the world have shown an excellent expertise in management and the address of diversity. No wonder we have successful multi national co-operations in these largest countries.


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