The Good and the Bad in Online Education Essay

The Good and the Bad in Online EducationEducation is one of the things we highly consider important in the society not because we invest too much money on it but because truly understand that we certainly need it no go along with the society and the changes it undergoes throughout the years.

Education is the only treasure that can never be stole from us and that is a fact that almost all people will agree. In the coming of the years, there are several improvements in this field wherein it started from the traditional teaching until we came into the most modern way of learning. Today, in the 21st century, online education is being supported by several institutions and it allows the students to learn while adapting in the modernization of the world. Although online education offers several positive ways when it comes into learning, it also open the doors to negative effects that may affect the motives of the students who participate in an online education program.Summaries of the Articles            An article from Online University Lowdown discusses about online education and its effects to the students and to the instructors. Online education offers not just the good in it but also the negative effects it could give to both the students and the instructor. While it offers a flexible study system to distant learning students, it also allows them to be trained in being dedicated and disciplined. Unlike other students who go into universities, they do not experience hassles in going to their campus.

However, despite of these positive facts, they tend to get isolated and might not be able to have concentration. Also their some of the subjects they took cannot be credited and some employers do not accept this kind of degree.            On the other hand, the online teachers like the students need not to travel to teach but then they have to motivate their students even if they do not see each other face to face which is quite hard. They were also caught up in a curriculum that is bound only by technology.            In Sam Dillon’s article in The New York Times, he stated the issues that online education raises in the American society.

While lawmakers were asking for the closure of virtual school websites, these online schools insisted that they must remain and be given budget or be financed by the government. There are several children in America who undergoes this kind of studying and the lawmakers are bothered of its effect. This time, virtual education had been an alternative for traditional schooling and yet it creates risks in the quality of education they have. However, it provides the children or the students with a choice of either advancing in their subjects or not.

            In the third article we used for this paper, the effects of online education was discussed and at the same time, the person who goes in a virtual school was assessed and it was stated that the person who can study in an online  school is most likely someone who can excel in a traditional school. Furthermore, despite of the facts and the debates raised against online education, it certainly can give positive feedbacks for the students or the children.Conclusion            Online education at some points defeat the purpose of real education. Although at some points it may be considered cheap because there are neither transportation fees nor allowances to be given to the kids and yet it also offers lack of concentration in the side of the kids. Considering the positive and the negative feedbacks about online education, it only means that it is not yet an accepted practice to the rest of the society. Furthermore, it gives different remarks from other people and does not actually confirm whether the teachings in the curriculum are accurate and true. In the case of the instructors, they will have a hard time on motivating their students since they barely talk with them.