The community responded quickly to oppose the

The concept that libraries are “no longer relevant” is a fallacy developed from the idea that libraries are strictly just a collection of books. However, with government funding, public libraries serve as a resource for public information and assembly in the future. In order for a democratic society to survive, access to public information must be attainable. Libraries provide citizens with the tools to participate effectively in the democratic process. Libraries are “civilizing agents and objects of civic pride” serving as “institutions of education for democratic living”. Serving as the “cornerstone of democracy in our communities”, libraries serve as active community centers “heralding their role in creating an informed citizenry”. After hearing President Donald Trump’s budget cut proposal, the library community responded quickly to oppose the eliminated government funding for Museum and Library Services Support. When confronting the “challenges of a lifetime”, libraries served as community spaces where citizens debated on important matters. Libraries provided access to resources to contact elected officials, share library stories on social media, and state valid propositions. Upholding library values, essentially equity and diversity, more than 500 supporters from all 50 states united against the budget cuts to keep these public facilities open. They fought against eliminating the programs that support efforts to help children and students improve and develop literacy skills in high-need areas. Libraries will continue to bring people together to exchange information, address problems of common concern, and build aspiring communities. As Nancy Kranich discussed in “American Democracy Project Blog”, Lisa Peet stated in “Industry : House Approves IMLS, LSTA, IAL Funding”, and Andrew Richard Albanese addressed in “For libraries, It’s Been a Year of Living Dangerously”, libraries will continue to ┬ádemonstrate the power to make a difference in the present and the future.