The Great Role Played by Forensic Investigations in Crime Solving Essay

Assessment of the crime investigation on “The Murder of Delicia” by Marie Corelli

            In Marie Corelli’s “The Murder of Delicia” (1896), Delicia is an authoress, popular during her time because of her brilliant works. The book tells about the story of Delicia’s life.

Delicia Vaughan was envied by a lot of women because of her possessed beauty and intellect, and on the other hand wherever she goes there are so many men ready to worship her and offer love to her in exchange of everything. But Delicia was a woman who is too much focused on what she does and treats romance or love as second priority. With her beauty and gift in writing novels, she gained fame not only in the place where she lives but as well as in the neighboring states. Her works were already read by a large percent of the population of her country, different kinds of people, including those who are considered as the elite, gave their praises to what Delicia has done. And also because of her fame, she met Lord Carlyon, a powerful man with the physique a lot of men envy, to cut it short Delicia married Lord Carlyon and after years of marriage their relationship ended up to be unsuccessful, for the reason that Lord Carlyon held grudges to Delicia and the rising number of men who offered her love and worship. All of these conflicts between them led to a tragic event that caused Delicia’s death.

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            Although details about the investigations in Delicia’s death are not provided in the book, it can be noticed that the crime investigation about Delicia’s death have been not quite thorough and it lacks the in-depth investigation of the crime. Without complete and reliable evidences and data the investigators already made assumptions and directly pinpointed Delicia’s husband as the one who is responsible for her death.

            The authorities only looked and focused at the fact that Lord Carlyon was so much in love with Delicia that he never notice himself being to much possessive of Delicia. Lord Carlyon showed his power and authority over Delicia for the reason that he was so afraid of losing her. The investigators of the case gave much importance to this information, and used it as their largest evidence to prove the Lord Carylon was the criminal.

            Aside from the information the authorities focused on, there was no other element of the crime scene that have been well analyzed, studied or observed.         It appeared that the investigators did not use any of the subdivisions of Forensics wisely and just depended on their personal assumptions and guesses.

            But basing on the narrated scenes in Marie Corelli’s “The Murder of delicia” specifically on the last chapter where Delicia Vaughan’s death occurred, it can be noticed that there were no clear statements on the texts about how the murderer ,who was suspected to be Lord Carylon, executed the murder.

              If the sequences of the scenes would be closely analyzed, somehow any reader would be able to come up with the idea of suspecting Delicia’s husband, Lord Carylon to be the murderer, and that her death was caused by a kind of poison that has the ability to gradually damage a persons internal organs and eventually can kill him or her.

            Suspicions would possibly start once any reader has been able to read through the setting at the party where Delicia discovered Lord Carylon having an affair with Lady Brancewith. In this part Lord Carylon’s feelings of disgust, hatred and envy towards Delicia would be noticed because of his statements during his conversations with Lady Brancewith.

After what had happened at the social gathering, scenes pertaining to the couple, Lord Carylon and Delicia’s legal separation were given emphasis.  And right after this, the story focused on Delicia’s unknown illness that seems to be getting worse day by day, and in these scenes Delicia’s lines were so gloomy as if she already knew that death is about to take her, she was already writing her self predicted, last publication, and she as well talked to her lawyers about who will inherit the properties she will be going to leave.

After these parts, the next scenes were supposed to be talking about the details about how Delicia had acquired her illness; on the contrary there was not even one detail that would clear everything that happened at the end of the story. It can be assumed that this is where the mystery of Delicia’s death would come in to place. By using typical analysis of the sequences of the story, the assumption that Delicia having been poisoned as the reason of her death would automatically be recalled.  And this assumption would grow stronger when any reader goes through the part where Delicia suddenly crying and had difficulty breathing, then she called Spartan her dog, hugged him, then took her last breath.

  In Delicia’s story, and like other typical stories that involves a couple with one party being unfaithful, there are instances that the unfaithful partner and his or her extramarital lover usually connives to do something unpleasant to the one left behind. In Delicia’s case, it can also be supposed that Lord Carylon and Lady Brancewith planned this murder to eliminate Delicia off their lives.

On the other hand the set-up of the story and the weight of Delicia’s death was a great job done by Corelli; the kind of crime that was exhibited in the story of the book was not a usual type of crime. The story of the death of Delicia must have been more interesting and exciting if the writer, Corelli gave more emphasis on the investigations done to the crime, it should have been more heart pumping if the investigation portion was given importance because the twists of a story similar to this story can be appropriately presented in the investigation parts.

            Forensic investigative methods have been proven to be a very significant factor in the world of crime solving and investigations, evidences are being analyzed and interpreted well accurately through the different subdivisions of forensic science.

            As for the investigative methods that were used in Marie Corelli’s “The Murder of Delicia”, it could be possible that during the time the book was written, concepts of complex crime investigation methods have not yet been formulated, that is why the crime story presented in the book did not feature some of these forensic science techniques.  On the other hand, the crime investigation methods    exercised in the story, although they were a bit fancy were good enough if we will put it in a manner that we understand that there are no other investigative methods used at that time other than those applied in the story.

            But if the modern day forensic science methods would be applied to Delicia’s murder it would be highly possible to acquire accurate data about whom the true murderer was. The first and foremost thing to do in starting an investigation on the scene of the crime is to not touch anything that around it, and keep still the things are likely to move, because all of these things may be used as evidences that could determine what happened and how it happened, and also in this part where the role of forensic photography enters (Eckert, 1996).

            Suppose that I am a forensic expert, when looking at the crime scene I would not touch anything that can be useful as evidences because if I do so, my fingerprints will be transferred on its surface which results to the object losing its potential to be useful evidence.

            One major subdivision of forensic science that can be applied in the kind of Delicia’s crime scene is forensic serology, since it is the study of the body fluids like blood, semen, saliva (Eckert, 1996). It would be a great help in analyzing and determining the kinds of deadly fluids had Delicia acquired, that caused her death.

            Another way that can greatly influence the determination of the persons that have been involved in the crime scene is to search for the things that could have possibly been used as an instrument to the murder and look for the fingerprints embedded on it, but because this task should be done carefully, the investigators should be wearing gloves to keep from wearing-off or totally erasing the fingerprint.

            Forensic toxicology is a field that can be considered as one of the major players in solving this murder case. This field studies about the effects of poison or drugs blood in the human body (Eckert, 1996). Therefore, this would help determine if Delicia really was poisoned, by analyzing the noticeable and unusual things on her body.

            The questioned documentation examination can also be greatly used, because it deals with the study of anything that takes the form of a document, and this subdivision of forensic science will be the one taking over the investigations of the  writings of Delicia that were seen all over the crime scene.


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