The Greatest Invention Ever Essay

The greatest invention ever Out of the 6,973,738,433 people who currently live in the world, how many people use the internet? According to Internet world stats, in the year 2011, thirty two percent of the world population used the internet in their everyday lives. After a year had past, more teenagers and elders started to use the internet to communicate research and watch the news. This great invention by Tim Burners-Lee had become a part of us, something our teenagers cannot survive without- the Internet.

Communication via the internet is very useful.Not only we can webcam or talk to our family members on the other side of the earth through sites, we can also share our feelings to strangers that share similar interests. Nowadays, most people have an account in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google. We use these sites to entertain ourselves. For example, Ryan Higa became famous through YouTube. Facebook is generally the popular social networking site, where we are able to share our ideas, ask friends for help, and create groups that are able to notify other group members about meetings or events you want people attend.

Tim Burners-Lee is to thank for giving us the privilege of communicating through the internet. Research could’ve been done in the library, but teachers find it easier and faster to let us work on computers. Wikipedia is a site we shouldn’t be trusting, because anyone is allowed to change its contents into their own opinions. Research lets us find information we need from professors in just a few minutes. The Internet saves us a lot of time and energy.News about what happened last Wednesday had spread all over the internet.

Amanda Todd, who had won many peoples hatred and pity through the internet had committed suicide last week. We could have saved this young lady by giving her courage, but many people had done just the opposite. The Internet is also a place where we can learn from our past and other’s mistakes to make a better future for ourselves. Thanks again to Tim who invented the internet and brought us happiness. <3