The ‘Green’ Movement is Bogus Essay

The ‘Green’ Movement is Bogus            The green movement is a recent step by individuals and groups towards preserving the environment in which we live. It implies sustainable protection of the environment through a change in human behavior and policies set by the concerned organizations (Sara, 2008).The Green movement – its originationAlso known as environmentalism, this concept started in the early 1800s.

It is based on the belief that human beings are a part of the ecosystem, and it is their right as well as their duty to take care of it (Sara, 2008).It was after the Second World War when certain international events and disasters lead to the realization that scarce environmental resources were depleting and needed to be preserved. These events included 9/11, global warming, shortage of essential minerals and energy resources. Since then environmentalists have come to the conclusion that resources must be carefully handled and production must be environment friendly. This has lead to an increase in the popularity of concepts such as recycling and careful waste disposal (Sara, 2008).The ‘Green’ movement is said to have certain advantagesProducts that are eco-friendly can be initially expensive, but advocates claim that their long term benefits outweigh their costs.

Moreover, as people are becoming more aware of environmental damage, they are beginning to prefer eco-friendly organizations. For the organizations themselves, there are tax benefits for saving the environment.Why is the ‘Green’ movement criticized?Today around 35 million Americans claim to use products that are eco friendly. Despite its increasing popularity and appeal, the green movement is bogus. Critics say it is a trend that is being used to scare people and to distract them from the more serious issues facing the world today. According to them, using the so-called eco-friendly products only gives people false hopes.

It is instead, wiser to continue using old products than to buy numerous new products that claim to be earth-friendly. This is because the main problem today is consumption itself. According to an article called “Buying into the Green Movement” by Alex Williams, it is more advisable to continue to use one’s old pair of jeans rather than to buy a few new “eco-friendly” ones (Williams, 2007).

It is already too late to fix many of the problems affecting our environment today. When observed, it was realized that most Americans still have very wasteful habits. Nonetheless many Americans are strong supporters of the ‘Green’ movement. They find the idea of building a ‘Green’ home very appealing.

Green homes claim to have no gas or heat leakages that are there in ordinary homes. However the construction of an environmentally friendly home takes much longer and costs around 30 percent more than that of a normal home. Overcoming the problems of global warming and energy conservation seem almost impossible after considering the growing energy needs of the ever increasing world population. The graph below shows the rate at which population explosion has taken place.The United States alone has a projected population increase of about 25 percent, or at 375 million, by 2030 (Samuelson, 2009). Despite the fact that most processes are now more energy efficient, meeting the environmental goals seems unrealistic. In fact, almost all models proposed by environmentalists to meet the goals use unrealistic assumptions such as there being full employment in the economy and so on (Samuelson, 2009).Works CitedSamuelson, R.

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