The Han and Roman Empire Compare and Contract Essay

Yamika Patel AP world history September 17, 09 The Han and Roman Empire Compare and Contract Essay The Han dynasty and Roman Empire are somewhat similar and also have some differences. Both civilizations have very strong central governments which allowed for powerful and expanding kingdoms. One of the main differences between the two empires was their religions. The Roman Empire and Han dynasty were has lots of inventions and technology. Roman and Han dynasty built major roads to help support a growing dependence on trade. In Han dynasty women were had limited to domestic activities.

They also have arranged marriages. Whereas in roman dynasty women had right to do everything. Both empires have to develop road systems for their expanding military. The roman army men were experienced and privileged and held high ranks in their class system and played an important role along with the senate, in choosing an emperor. The center power for the Roman Empire as generally the senate. The ruler for the Han dynasty was hereditary. The Han dynasty’s military wasn’t as loyal. Most of the soldiers were new drafted and didn’t have much experience.

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The merchant class in Han was restricted by the government unlike the middle class in Rome whom were free from government constraints which allowed economic mobility. The imperial model was only revived in china later but it never revived in Rome. The most important resources of Han dynasty were agricultural production and labor. The most productive agricultural of Han dynasty was the “Yangzi Valley”. The government exploited the labor by demanding that peasant families supply men for labor. The Qin established a string centralized state on the legalist’s model and suppressed Confucianism.

The Han established a political system that drew on both Confucian philosophy and legalist techniques. The roman and Han Empire have built road to protect to help support growing dependence on trade. The Roman Empire has an abundance area of natural resources. Roman Empire increased reliance on slave labour pushed peasants into the cities to find work. In Roman Empire the upper classes lived in elegance with many amenities and poor lived in squalid slums. In Roman Empire there were 80% of rural farmers. The roman family was patriarchal, whereas in Han family was the basic unit of society.

The roman society followed a rigid class structure. Roman women had relatively more freedom than Greek women, but their legal status was still that of a child. Soilders of Roman Empire began pledging loyalty to individual. Western part of the Roman Empire, the Latin language adapted by local people. As time passed, roman emperors gradually extended roman citizenship to all free male adult inhabitants of the empire. The Han family included the ancestors as well as the current generations. Confucius regarded hierarchy as the natural and placed absolute authority in the hands of the father.

Women were limited to domestic activities and needed to be obedient. Marriages were usually arranged. There are difference and similarity between Han Empire and Roman Empire. Both Han and Roman Empire had really successful during their rules. They both have spread throughout the world. They both are similar in economics technology but totally difference between their cultures. Similarities between both the Han and Romans last for such a long periods of time, but the sometimes negative differences inevitably hurt the Han dynasty.