The car now includes a sporty, landscape


new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car was released a few weeks ago with its
new sport design and beautifully sculpted exterior. The car features a sharp,
low grille lined with chrome as well as a pair of headlights that are
positioned far apart on the front of the vehicle.  The new design helps with aerodynamics as a
front splitter sends air beneath the car and directs it to the area where it is
needed the most; this also allows clean air to get to the diffuser at the back
of the car.

design, the new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car has also been manufactured
to produce more speed on the road, with a twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre V8
engine. The 2018 Vantage has been termed the bread and butter of the company
and is the bestselling car for Aston Martin.

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1. The
Interior- 1

new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car now includes a sporty, landscape
arrangement from the floor console to the windshield in place of the classic
Aston Martin ‘waterfall’ design. Transmission shift buttons are located at the
front of the car surrounding a blank space that will feature a 7-speed manual

2. The
Interior- 2

have been keen on the details with hand- stitching embroidery on the seats and
all along the cabin of the Vantage 2018. In addition to the beautifully
designed seats, custom materials can be selected in a variety of colours. The
steering wheel design is shared with the previous model, the DB11.

3. Weight

The new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports
car weighs in at around 3, 300 lbs. Its weight is perfectly distributed with
50% over the front of the car and the remaining 50% over the back. The car is
made of composite materials and thin metal alloys that give the car such a
light weight.

4. Design

The new Vantage design is completely
different from the previous model.  It
features wider wheel arches for the rear tyres, a tail light that runs along
the rear of the Vantage 2018 and smaller headlights.  When compared to its predecessor, the chassis
of the new Vantage is smaller and has a ‘double- wishbone suspension’.

5.  The
Engine- 1

new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car has a ‘twin turbo- charged 4.0 litre
V8’ engine, which is found in the previous model as well as the Mercedes AMG
GT.  The engine provides 505 lb-ft of
torque and 503 hp to the rear wheels. With this much power, the Vantage 2018
will be able to move from 0 to 62 mph in less in 4 seconds.

6. The
Engine- 2

Vantage also has a standard 8- speed semi- automatic transmission and this
powerful engine allows the Vantage 2018 to get to the highest driving speed of
195 mph. A V12 engine is said to be offered later on after the release of the
Vantage 2018, which would be an upgrade from the current V8 engine; the company
has opted against producing a hybrid version of the Vantage.

7. Driving

new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car offers driver up to three different
driving modes; Sport, Track and Sport Plus. The driving modes are achieved by
changing the dampers on the car which in turn changes the driver’s experience.

8. The
Display Screen

new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car boasts an 8 inch entertainment screen
which is a new feature to the line. It comes standard in the Vantage 2018, displays
information, offers satellite navigation and allows users to connect their
smartphones via Bluetooth. Rear and Start camera displays are also seen on the

 9. The Price

new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car starts from £120, 900 which is about
$161, 357 USD.  At this starting price,
it much more expensive that its other top competitors. The price will increase
with each customisation that drivers make, from the seats to the trim design
and the paint on the body.

10. Competitor
– Abarth 124 Spider

One of
the competitors of the Vantage 2018 sports car is the Abarth 124 Spider which
is less than half the cost of the Vantage 2018. It is a sportier model to the
Fiat 124 Spider with a more powerful engine and sportier design. It will cost
customers around £26, 920.

Competitor – Mercedes AMG C63

Mercedes AMG C63 possesses a similar engine to the new Vantage Aston Martin
2018 sports car, that is, the twin turbocharged V8. It also offers drivers 469 hp
compared to the more than 600 hp offered from the Vantage 2018.  The price is a little under £60,000 which is
a deal compared to its competitor.

12. Competitor­-
Jaguar F-Type Coupe

price of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe is significantly less than the new Vantage
Aston Martin 2018 sports car at around £48,000. It sports a small 2.0 litre
turbo engine that comes in either F-Type or Supercharged V6. The Jaguar F-Type
Coupe offers an automatic transmission.

13. History
of the New Vantage 2018 -1

new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car is the first car of its type to be
made by the company, after 12 years of producing cars with the same design. The
Vantage uses the powertrain as well as the entertainment technology that can be
seen in the Mercedes Benz model of cars.

14. History
of the New Vantage 2018- 2

Vantage 2018 is a seven generation sports car designed by the Aston Martin
company. The company was founded in the early 1900s where they manufactured
luxury sports cars, however in later years, they have been known to produce
clothing, submarines and bicycles. The company hit a number of lows before
coming back on top in the early quarter of 2017.

Design Inspiration

new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car’s design was inspired by a famous
movie. The James Bond movie, Spectre, had a DB10 which was designed especially
for the film in 2014. In addition, it was also designed based on the Aston
Martin Vulcan that was released back in 2015; it was a limited edition. The
large front grille design helps in cooling the engine efficiently.

16. Dimensions

dimensions of the new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car include a wheelbase
of 106 inches or 2,705 mm, and overall length of 176 inches or 4,465 mm and
width (excluding the mirrors) of 76 inches or 1,943 mm. The height of the
Vantage 2018 is about 1,300 mm or 50 inches.


new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car directs power to the rear wheels
through the rear- mounted transmission and an electronic limited- slip
differential known as the E- Diff. This will help drivers to have more control
of the vehicle and offer dynamic vectoring modes. The car will have more
control whether it is going around corners or travelling in a straight

18. The
Chassis – 1

previously mentioned, the chassis of the new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports
car is made of aluminium. In addition, the front of the car sports double-
wishbone suspension while the rear of the sports has multi- link suspension. The
aluminium frame is solidly mounted as opposed to rubber-mounted like previous

19. The
Chassis – 2

the new Vantage Aston Martin 2018 sports car chassis being designed with the
suspension in the rear and the front of the vehicle, it has significantly
increased the feel of the vehicle while it is being driven. In addition, the
rigidity of the car has also increased. The three adaptive damping modes were
previously mentioned.

20.  The wheels

wheels that come standard on the new Vantage Aston Martin 201 sports car are
silver –painted 20 inch “Y” spoke wheels. The front and rear tyres are specially
designed 20 inch Pirelli P Zero; 255/40/20 for the front with 400 mm steel
brakes and 295/35/20 for the rear tyres with 360 mm co- cast disc.


21.  The brakes

brakes have been significantly upgraded on the Vantage 2018 to ensure the
safety and quick response of this sports car in case of a sudden stop. This
includes electric park brake, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD),
Traction Control (TC), Positive Torque Control (PTC), an Anti-locking brake
system (ABS) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA).

22.  The steering wheel

steering wheel on the Vantage 2018 is leather bound with contrasting embroidery
stitching; however, carbon fiber can be added. The steering wheel features an
“electric power assisted steering rack with a 13.09:1 steering ratio. In
addition, it has 2.4 turns to lock and the steering rack is dependent on speed.

23.  Standard features- 1

Vantage 2018 comes standard with a number of features, but many can be
customised to suit the client’s needs. The standard features include side
mirrors that automatically tilt when the car is put in reverse, stainless steel
exhaust pipe, enamel wing badges, a fully carpeted interior with sports seats
and trim that has a black glossy finish.

Standard features- 2

standard features of the Vantage 2018 also include a primary body colour which
is the same colour on the roof, side gill and outside mirrors. Each comes
fitted with an underbonnet cross brace, parking sensors, memory seats, tyre
pressure monitors and dual zone climate control to suit both driver and

Standard features- 3

addition to those listed above, the Vantage 2018 also comes standard with a
heated screen at the rear of the vehicle, an alarm to serve as a theft
deterrent, keyless start, interior ‘jewellery’ in satin silver, anodised brake
callipers and red tail lights. Parking distance display is featured on the 8
inch touch screen.

26. Customisation-
Interior 1

have the option of changing some of the features in the Vantage 2018 sports
car. This includes opting for a 2×2 glossy carbon fibre steering wheel or a
sports steering wheel, having a full leather interior, fitting the car with
embroidered or embossed headrest with the Vantage or official Aston Martin

Customisation- Interior 2

addition to the options mentioned above, clients also have the option of including
tread plates at the sill of the car in either Satin carbon fibre, Satin Silver
or Dark Chrome. Besides the black glossy trim inlays, clients may have Hyper
Red painted, Lime painted or White Stone painted inlays. Seat belt colours
include Spicy Red, Graphite and Mocha.

28. Customisation-
Exterior 1

have the option of changing some of the features on the outside of the Vantage
2018 sports car.  This includes carbon
fibre or black glossy body paint and roof panels, the front grill fitted with a
Matte Black or Silver mesh, Matte Black finish for the exhaust pipe, side gills
with glossy Carbon Fibre or perforated Matte Black.

Customisation- Exterior 2

addition to the options mentioned above, clients also have the option of
changing the door handles for a glossy Twill Carbon Fibre finish, painting the
standard silver ‘Y’ spoke wheel to Graphite Duotone or glossy Black Diamond,
opting for a black underbonnet cross brace as opposed to the standard silver.

30.  Functionality -1

Aston Martin Vantage 2018 sports car has a number of other accessories that
perform the role of functionality. One such is the Aston Martin Tracking; it is
a Stolen Vehicle Tracking system from the Trackstar company. It has been
approved by a number of highly recognized automobile companies for the tracking
and recovery of stolen vehicles.

31. Functionality-

accessories that work well with the Vantage 2018 include heated and ventilated
seats. Blind spot monitoring system, 16-way seat adjust, garage door opener and
a 360- degree camera can be added to the sports car to increase its
functionality. Cruise control and glass switches are also some other options.

32.  Optional Packs

are four optional packs that can be purchased to personalize the Vantage 2018.
This includes the Sport Plus Pack which has Sports steering wheel and Sports
Plus seat, the Tech Pack, Comfort Pack and Exterior Black Pack. The Tech Pack
includes features such as keyless entry, auto park assist and electronic steering,
while the Exterior Black Pack includes window surround with a Matte Black
finish and front grille in Matte Black.

33.  Carbon Fibre pack

Carbon Fibre pack adds beauty to the engine section of the Vantage 2018 sports
car with the perfect finishing details. The Carbon Fibre package was designed
to highlight certain features which adds to the overall appearance of the car.
This includes an engine cover made of Carbon Fibre along with side panels,
Vduct and slam panel all composed of Carbon Fiber.

34. Carbon
Fibre Engine cover

Carbon Fibre engine cover can also be purchased outside of the Carbon Fibre
pack offered for the Vantage 2018 sports car. The engine cover enhances the
sporting look of the car and is further detailed with the Aston Martin
signature Wings logo at the center of the cover. Dealers should be contacted
when making the order for either package.

35.  Personal car covers

personal car covers that are available for order not only add a level of style
to the new Vantage 2018 sports car but also personalize the car and protect it
from dust, scratches and other elements. The new Vantage 2018 is therefore able
to maintain its new appearance and off-the-production-line look throughout the

36. Car
cover prices

covers for the Vantage 2018 sports car range in prices starting at £474 which
is about $630 USD for the indoor car cover, £504 for the Vantage outdoor car
cover, £540 for the Vantage Designer specification car cover while the Ultimate
car cover goes for £660 or $878 USD. A tyre cushion is also available for about

37.  Vantage luggage- 1

Martin has been known to produce more than motor vehicles in the early years of
manufacturing. Things have not changed as a set of Vantage luggage has been
designed, from 2- piece to 7-piece sets in either leather or fabric. The pieces
were handmade specifically for the cargo area of the Vantage sports car in

Vantage luggage- 2

pieces of luggage were made with 100% leather (Black leather) for the body and
then wrapped with Black Saddle leather. Each bag has detailed Spectral Blue
stitching to further accentuate the lines, and the set comes with two large and
small totes along with a laptop bag and two carry- on bags; making it ideal for

39.  Vantage luggage- 4

have the option of further customising their Vantage 2018 sports car by placing
a special order during purchase. Ordering any of the luggage sets as a Q by
Aston Martin allows the company to select the luggage with the same colour as
the car’s interior. This feature by Aston Martin is personalization at its

40. Q
by Aston Martin

  Q by Aston Martin is a highly customisable
service for any motor vehicle purchased from the company that is unique to the
client. It takes all the key elements that a customer desires and translates
their favourite places, colours, textures and materials into their very own
sports car.

41. Q
by Aston Martin- the collection

Q by
Aston Martin, the Collection, offers customers an array of design features;
this however is specifically directed towards unique trim and other features
that can be added and completed by hand on -site at the Gaydon Headquarters.

42. Q
by Aston Martin- the commission

Q by
Aston Martin, the Commission, is the second step of adding the details to any
Aston Martin. It allows clients to experience what it is like to have a sports
car truly made- to- order. This stage includes meeting personally with the team
responsible for the customizations.

43. Unique

Q by
Aston Martin not only customises the Vantage 2018 sports car to the likeness of
the clients as mentioned above, but allows customers to choose interior and
exterior details that no other has had the privilege of selecting. This truly
makes personalisation unique.

Wheel kit-1

Vantage 2018 sports car comes standard with summer- only wheels, however, a
winter wheel kit is available for purchase. The Vantage winter wheel has been
manufactured to ensure proper dynamics and give drivers confidence when driving
in all weather conditions.

Wheel kit-2

Vantage winter wheel has been specifically designed to enhance handling of the
car and wheel traction when the temperature goes below 7°C. The wheel kit comes
with 20 inch ‘Y’ spoke Graphite Duo Tone wheels along with a pair of Pirelli
SottoZero tyres.

46.  Wheel bolts

wheel bolts are available for purchase at £114 which is about $152 USD. The
wheel bolts come in sets of four and are used to lock the wheels in place on
the Vantage 2018 sports car; the bolts are meant to replace the standard bolts
that come each wheel.

47.  Valve Caps

caps are the ideal finishing detail needed to accentuate the wheels on the
Aston Martin Vantage 2018 sports car. These valve caps come in sets of four and
are chrome plated; they cost only £19, which is just about $26 USD.

48. Partnering
with Mercedes

Martin partnered with Mercedes in 2013 that the upcoming generation of Aston
Martin cars, that is seventh generation (the Vantage 2018), would include the
new Mercedes- AMG engine. With this partnership, Mercedes now owns 5% of the

49. Most

August of this year, an early Aston Martin model from the 1900s was auctioned
as the most expensive British motor car sold at auctioned at $22,550,000. The
price may have been linked to previous driver and racing legend, Carroll

Aston Martin makes clothing

Martin again has diversified its market with the production of clothing. It has
come together with Hackett London, a designer clothing company to manufacture clothing
that is just as exquisite as the Vantage 2018 sports car.