The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood Essay

            Through the 14th July 2010, Migrant Children Face Education Divide newspaper article, Qian Yanfeng describes some irrationally discriminative practices that are being practiced in Shanghai’s education system. The journalist reports that school authorities in this Chinese region are denying migrants’ children education that is comparable to that offered to children of native Chinese parents (Yanfeng).

This openly-biased practice is irrational as it has long-term negative effects on the entire Chinese educational system. For example, the migrants’ children, who are denied proper education, eventually integrate themselves into the general Chinese society. This phenomenon thus hurts China’s education by injecting half-baked individuals into society. Such poorly-educated persons are a liability to the entire society.Likewise, through The Handmaid’s Tale narrative, Margaret Atwood describes an illogical viewpoint that the men in Gilead adopt in relation to women. For example, the men disrespect women while at the same time expecting the same women to conceive and thus ensure the continuation of the society. It is notable that at the Red Center, women receive education that seeks to demean women and glorify men.

It appears as though the men can comfortably live independently of women. A close examination however shows that the men’s views are irrational since they expect women, such as Offred, to assist them are siring future offspring. Yanfeng and Atwood’s portrayal of bigoted men’s views about women thus disclose inherent irrationalities in the respective societies.After scrutinizing Yanfeng’s article, I detect a saddening case of institutionalized oppression of minorities by the majority population. Minorities – migrants in this case – are oppressed by their native counterparts. The author’s explanation of how these prejudicial attitudes are executed shows that such a disposition harms both the oppressed as well as the oppressor. For instance, by preventing migrant’s children from acquiring proper education, the natives are unwittingly lowering general educational standards in China.

This phenomenon is thus detrimental to both groups of people.Work CitedYanfeng, Qian. Migrant Children Face Education Divide.

July 14, 2010. July 29, 2010.