The Hanging Essay

The Hanging

            The hanging is an artistic work done by Thomas Lyon Mills through the use of watercolor, charcoal, ink, graphite and intaglio prints. Mills is an extinguished artist and his works have been displayed widely in several private and public exhibitions. He holds an MFA from Cranbrook academy of art and he currently lectures at the Rhode Island School of Design. One of his exhibitions known as The Catacombs is set to be displayed at the Rauschenberg Gallery on January 8 where both the reception and the gallery talk will be held from six to eight p.m.

             Thomas received an authorization to pass several hours in areas where ordinary people could not get the approval to access. Such places include the Roman early Christian catacombs which had been inaccessible for a very long time, a huge historical Mithraeum which connects tunnels below the Baths of Caracalla, Santa Maria Antiqua built in the fifth century and the passageway under the Colosseum (Mills, 2010). He operates from New York in his native region called Adirondacks where he analyzes his views of this area and those prior to the 16th century. He usually records his views of the surrounding environment through paintings which comes out in form of images that are nebulous brown and black.

             Mr. Mills’s prowess in art and as a visiting artist has traveled to many places and given lectures in several institutions such as the Harvard university school of design; the Cranbrook Academy of art in Michigan; Arkansas University in Fayetteville; Parsons school of design in New York; Auburn University in Alabama; Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute and Temple University which are both located in Rome (Mills, 2010).


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