The Happy Life Essay

The Happy LifeHappiness lies in the holistic approach towards life. It is that aspect of human nature, which is not bound by any acts of selfishness. By selfishness it is implied that anything that differentiates self from rest of the universe. Being a part of the universe and experiencing that oneness is true happiness.

True happiness comes from within when one considers himself to be one with the universe. He is one with the nature. There is no demarcation between him and another person. Due to this he feels the pain and pleasure of his surroundings and thus is always in a state of bliss. This bliss should not be mistaken for what we consider happiness in general sense, i.

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e. the pleasure felt when we acquire something or achieve something, as it is not bound by momentary pleasure. This pleasure would not change if we are denied that source of pleasure.The author’s appeal lies in the feeling of unity. This unity knows no bounds. A person experiencing this unity is one with the universe.

He does not belong to any one place or time. Thus it can be aptly said that he is the citizen of the universe. He identifies himself with everything and thus is everything as the whole concept of time diminishes for him. He has pathos for everything around him.

The author’s rebuttal would be in the fact that a person considers himself to be a separate entity from rest of the universe. He does not have a genuine interest or love for his surroundings and due to this, is always unhappy for some reason or the other. Such a person will always have a lack of integration between his soul and mind.

Thus, a happy person is someone who has no ill will towards anyone. He does not limit or bound his happiness to material or selfish acquisitions. As long as there would be a sense of “I”, real joy can never be experienced.

There is no death for such a person as the concept of time disappears for him. He feels that he is same as those around him and those who will come after him.