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                        The war begins On april 12, 1861 a bomb exploded at Fort sumter in south carolina now people knew this was just the beginning of a deadly war and they knew the war had started. When the confederates attacked the had 500 men the union was not expecting this so they only had 50 men and they ended up having to retreat right away. At least no one got hurt or died but they did have to give up Fort sumter and it took the union nearly 4 years to get it back!                           The battles Battles are always a scary thing and around 1861 to 1862 there were a lot of battles and some famous battles between the union and the confederate like the battle of shiloh the battle of antietam and the battle of fredericksburg. But in 1863 one of the most famous battles took place. The battle of Gettysburg! The two sides met in Gettysburg and fought it out the 1st day of the battle confederates outnumbered the union so the union had to retreat back to the south side of town general Robert .E. lee of the confederate wanted to continue the attack but his troops deployed and the union had time to get prepared and get more troops the 2nd day both of the troops were at full force with the union at 94,000 and the confederate at 74,000 the confederate attacked and there was heavy fighting throughout the battlefield both sides were taking big loses but the union held their ground the third day the confederate decided to do an all for nothing atack with 12,000 men right in to the heart of the union army but the confederate failed to take down the union and the union got the W. This battle still goes down as one of the most bloody battles in history and this war would be a huge turning point in the war.                             Deaths :(Death a very horrible very bad thing. But sadly there were some folks that had to sacrifice themselves in the civil war. There were alot of American deaths in the civil war oveisly as you can see on this cart there were more American deaths than world war ll !